15 July 2008

embarassing & fun

Ok, so here it is, my 5 week belly picture. This is what I looked like when I started, kind of. Just to let you know though, I had been drinking lots of water & well... I was constipated. Okay it's not pretty at all to talk about constipation, but it apparently is a symptom of pregnancy everyone thought they'd leave out.

Now I'm 6 1/2 weeks, but I wont be posting every weeks picture, maybe every month.

I'm feeling great otherwise. Getting more tired throughout the day. I haven't experienced much nausea, only if I go awhile between meals/snacks & even then it's just intense hunger when I wasn't expecting it. My food joys lately are french fries (especially BK) and Frank's Red Hot Sauce. The only food aversion is soy sauce. Corey doused his rice with it the other day and the smell YUCK & when he tried to kiss me... well let's just say he had drink lots of water to get the smell off his breath.

Corey has been so sweet. He's back on day shift and has taken me on lots of dates. We have so much fun. The other day was his first diaper change (a big poopy one) with Gabe. We have several couple friends who've just had babies, they are letting us get more comfortable with newborns. Everytime we are around babies or kids Corey plays with them & wants to hold them. My heart is going to explode!

We had some great friends suprise us with congratulation gifts. Joey and Korinne Hoh gifted us a cute pail with a book and a camera toy for the baby & some awesome cookies for us (I ate them all). Our bible study friends gifted us a basket full of baby goodies (a blanket, baby "uggs", onesies, a girafee, and newborn diapers). Janet Moon bought the baby blanket I've been eyeing at Target forever, luckily she snagged it right before it was discontinued! Michelle Warren gave me a whole bunch of maternity clothes (which are pricey, btw), which was good because I needed a bigger pair of shorts already (see first paragraph). Brittney Relik gave us a cute bath linen set, a mobile and some baby bottles!
OH! My friends, Hilarie & Veronica, are throwing me a baby shower before I leave! I'm thrilled because I wanted to celebrate with my dearest friends & family here. I was going to come back in November, but Hilarie made 2 good points, that it's expensive and what if I can't for whatever reason. So, I started a registry at Target and Babies-R-us, but apparently they re-do all the inventory & discontinue things in July, so I'll finish it in August. I'm going to have to take a mom with me, because I realized how clueless I am when it comes to actually choosing things.
I had my orientation & had tons of blood drawn. I got some helpful literature & DVD's. I have my first ultrasound on Aug 8th & first doctor appt. Aug 14th. That's it for now.

01 July 2008

Corey is reenlisted!

Yesterday Corey had his swear-in for reenlistment. He signed up for another 5 years (because he started the process early so we could move, he still has over 6 months left on his current enlistment so the max he could sign up for was 5 this time) & at this point we are pretty sure he is going to retire AF.

Corey plans to start college classes when we move to Shaw AFB. He's thinking of getting his CCAF (community college of the Air Force). He hopes he will find something he really likes to study that he can get a degree in.