27 May 2009

Long Time

Wow, it's been a long time since I've blogged. There is no good reason, except I have been spending less time online. I've been doing a lot more cleaning & projects around the house. Oh & I've had friends stopping by.
This past weekend we were lucky enough to be able to drive up to Ocean City, Maryland to spend some time with Corey's family. Originally the trip was supposed to be longer & we were going to visit friends in Corey's hometown as well as my grandma. Well, with military life comes the unexpected, Corey had to work more & had to be back earlier. Bummer, but it still worked out that we got to spend some time there. It was a good time & good for us. Unfortunately, I must have lost my brain, because I didn't really take any pictures!! Mom-mom (corey's mom) & Aunt Jennifer probably took lots of pictures so I will have to mooch.

So, tomorrow Will is officially 3 months old!! Crazy! He's such a big boy now. He is very animated, always smilling & "talking".

He Loves:
~his lion rattle
~sitting up
~when people make funny noises with their mouth
~making spit bubbles
~sucking on his hands
~my feeling his gums (I want him to be used to this for when I need to check for teeth/brush)
~his doggie mobile above his changing station
~his swing

He Dislikes:
~being swaddled (he likes his hands now)
~Molly & Corey wrestling loudly
~not being held when it's close to naptime

So more likes than dislikes. haha. Here are some pictures I took before our trip.
Smiley Boy
Spit Bubbles starting
Bathtime with Momma

08 May 2009

Blog I Love

I am a Babywise freak! I love it!

For those of you who don't know, Babywise is a book, or rather a series of books, on parenting. The first book is mostly about getting baby on a routine & how their routine helps baby sleep through the night. The second book focuses more so on introducing baby to solids, although it covers other things. There are several other books in the series, toddlerwise, childwise, preteenwise, & teenwise. The book is written by the Ezzo's & Dr. Buckham.

My friend Korinne introduced me to it & it has been a blessing.

ANYWAYS, a couple of weeks into parenting I was confused on something from the book & stumbled upon a blog by a babywise mom. THIS blog has been a life saver for me (although it might have contributed to my over-analyzing EVERYTHING in the begining, that is my fault though, not the blog. lol). I love it!

If you are about to have a baby, I highly reccomend you check out the book officially titled "On Becoming Babywise". I also reccomend the blog, Babywise Mom Blog. Even if you already have children, she has a LOT of info/advice on parenting.

By the way, there is a lot of flack going around about the "danger" of babywise & how it's bad. Everyone I have heard this from is just repeating things from people who are misrepresenting babywise.

02 May 2009

Video bummer

So, I realized I never posted any video footage of dear sweet Will. Today I filmed some of his cooing, smiling, & batting the fishies. I was so excited to share it with you all, but I had to wait for Cor to get home to show me how to put it on the computer.

Well... I can't. I guess we have to wait for the little dvd to be finished. How stupid. It's a really long dvd & then the begining stuff would be outdated by the time I filled it up! Maybe there is some sort of connector I can buy... Corey says nope. grr...

oh I know, I will just have to film him on my digital camera & figure out how to upload that! Wahoo. He's asleep now, so I'll film him tomorrow.

Oh you guys are going to LOVE him! He's flippin' cute!