20 August 2008

11 weeks

Really, I'm this far behind, I thought I would be blogging on here everyday & would look back and wonder why I wasted this much time. lol.

Well... two weeks ago, I had my first ultrasound! I saw the babe & I think he/she will play soccer. Baby was all curled up at first and then started jumping up sporatically, and next thing I knew it's tiny little legs were giving out big kicks. Unbelievable. I can't feel this little human in me, but it's going crazy. I know this sounds obvious, but when I saw the baby moving & couldn't feel it, I was made keenly aware of the fact that this is a person, seperate from me & corey. You always think and hear that the baby is the two of you, that it's your little baby. It's not. It's Gods & it is its own person. duh, right? lol. Just a funny little awakening to the true life of being a parent I guess. Well, the ultrasound technician was really awesome and nice. He said next time (although it wont be at the same hospital) we could bring a thumb-drive and they should be able to let us take ALL the pictures & videos home & put them right up to our computer. Awesome. Hope my next doctor will let us too.

Ok... so last week was my first doctor appointment. I had a wierd doctor, who seemed new. He didn't really know how things went, even though he was older. His technician even said at one point "I'm going to get you into a routine & fast". She had to remind him what to do. Anyways, I got to have another ultrasound of the baby, because they could not find the heartbeat with the doppler. I didn't get to hear the heartbeat though, because the doctor couldn't work it & was really behind schedule. Oh well. I have another appointment right before we move. It's with a different doctor, my neighbor has her and says she's really nice.

Other than that, my morning sickness is weaning, yaye (oh yeah, it started about 8 or 9 weeks).

My shower is this Saturday, so excited to have all my girlfriends together. I'm so going to cry. lol

Corey is still being the most amazing man in creation, haha. He's been taking very good care of me.

One more month and we leave CA for SC. sad and exciting times ahead.

06 August 2008

9-week thoughts

I'm 9 weeks. My pants are getting tighter. I wonder if it's the baby, gas, or weight gain-age (can I invent a word). I've been eating pretty healthy, if anything I've been eating too little, so I'm trying not to care.

Two more days until I get to see little baby. Right now, the babe is about an inch and has most of it's organs (some have to develop further).

Everyone asks us what we think we're having, I have no idea of course (how could anyone?) We would be blessed with either sex, but for some reason I say I think it's a boy. Hilarious, then some people say something like "no, I was thinking a girl" lol.