25 August 2010

Will, 18-month Summary

Things have been so hectic around here the last couple of weeks. We are preparing for the birth of Sophia, moving houses, and with the school-year starting there are more activities starting up also (like MOPS & bible studies). Will has really been doing great.

Eating- Will is up & down with how much he eats. One day he will eat a ton & want more all day & the next he'll eat only fruit and cereal. haha. I don't worry about how much he eats, I just make sure that I offer him something I know he likes & a variety so I can hopefully get every food group into him in a week. Which is normally doable. I do think I need to vary up the kinds of fruits & veggies I cook. I usually stick to the same, but I dont want him to grow aversions for anything.
Oh, the best thing I have learned to get him to try new things: Don't say anything! Just put it on his plate. I don't even say anything when I eat my portion. He has tried several things this way.

Playing- Ugh, I have been forgetting independent play. I guess I had a little mommy guilt that I've been so busy packing & unpacking & he's been playing by himself. I figure it's 2 weeks maximum of off-schedule & it wont ruin him. I'll just have to start up again next week & start slow.

Sleeping- He's doing really well with sleeping. His afternoon nap is now extending to 2-3 hours, since we've dropped his morning nap a few weeks ago. I much prefer one long nap. He did have a few nights of night waking about 30 minutes after going down for the bed when we were moving. I went in there a few times to comfort him, but after the third time I let him CIO & he was asleep in 10 minutes. It brought back memories of how hard CIO it is.

Communication- He is getting more vocal for sure! He has an opinion on almost everything. haha. He has said a lot of words here & there. He doesn't say very many words on a regular basis. I'm not worried though. He understands everything I say, follows 2-step commands, and all that good stuff. I do really like hearing him talk though! His voice is so cute. But yes, he is communicating through words, grunts, & signs more & more.
He's started signing "thank you". I have made a point to really use "thank you" & "please" in my daily life & everytime I say "thank you" he does the sign, it's funny.

Helper- He is such a helper! I've taken two of the metal sections off the swiffer so its his size. That is his favorite toy! He has helped pack, always cleans the table off after he eats, & knows the steps to wash his hands & face. I'm amazed at this kid!

Fits- He does have some fits, but I am getting better at handling them & preventing them. His worst time of the day has got to be while I'm making dinner, which apparently is the hardest time of day for most children. I have learned not to feed him any appetizers (he's not really hungry, because he wont eat dinner if I do). If Corey is home it's not too bad, but I haven't yet figured how to handle this one on my own. SO, if you have any suggestions, please send them my way! haha.

Animal Care- Will loves Molly, our dog... well, he at least likes her. She, on the other hand, avoids him like the plague. It's getting to the point that we have to start working on their relationship. Will is rough, which I think is normal, but still he needs to learn to be gentle with her. He likes to feed her. Sometimes he will yell when he feeds her, thouroughly confussing her. I have a section in the What To Expect The Toddler Years to read about toddlers & pets. Hopefully they will have some good suggestions. I can tell it makes corey sad that Will & Molly aren't best friends, haha.

Schedule- ugh, right now things are so hectic, but this is what it is (a little less planned activities this week)
7:30-wake, tv time
8:00- breakfast
8:30- clean up/tv time
9:00- art time/science time
9:30- outdoor play/errands
10:30- free play/independent play
11:00- lunch
11:30- nap
1:45-2:00- wake, snack
2:30- learning time (numbers right now)
2:45-3:00 errands
5:00- Daddy-time/free play
5:30-6:00- Dinner
6:30- outdoor play
7:15- family time
7:40- bathtime
8:00- bedtime

I'm hopeful Sophia will slide right into our schedule, but we are expecting to make adjustments & figure it all out with grace! haha

21 August 2010

Moving Day

It's here! Yaye for us getting to move into the bigger house before Miss. Sophia arrives! People keep commenting on me moving while 9 months pregnant, but it's way better than having a newborn & a toddler and moving. I am sick, so that part sucks!

This week, of course, flew by & didn't seem that hard actually. My least favorite part about moving is that some stuff has to wait until the last minute & it feels super chaotic. I HATE feeling disorganized!! Luckily, the Holy Spirit has grown in me a better sense of go-with-the-flow. Gotta love what God does to you through your kids! haha.

Aha, the guys are back to start the next load, so I guess my little break is over! hehe. I'll finish this up tonight.... or actually I guess in a few days (I forgot to schedule our cable & internet to switch over, oopsies).