22 February 2013

One of THOSE Days! No, The Good Kind

Yesterday around noon I got hit by a bug! A BIG bug that made it hard to breathe! I wasn't even sure if I was having an allergic reaction (that's how it felt when it started) or if it was a weird virus or what. I called Labor & Delivery at the hospital (that's what you're supposed to do after 20 weeks) to be triaged and they had me come in. It turns out it was the beginning of a horrible, no good, bad virus. (Do you know that kids book I just refrenced?)
I couldn't sleep last night, every time I lay down I couldn't breathe. Until, that is, I ate 1/2 a pint of ice cream (yep, i so did & don't even care). Then I fell asleep easily.
I woke up at 6:30 am to the sound of my two beautiful children WIDE AWAKE. AT 6:30 AM!! I almost indulged in a freak-out-whine-session to myself. Luckily, the Holy Spirit stopped me. I prayed a prayer of thanks (for my family, kids, life, etc.) & asked for sleep, peace, and health. I risked starting tantrums, went upstairs to inform my kids of the early hour. Our house rule is, stay in bed until 7am, they are allowed to read or quietly play with toys. (I'll have to post later how I accomplished this task being obeyed 98% of the time.) It worked! Both kiddos got back into bed & played/read quietly.
I zombied back to bed with an attitude of whatever-happens-happens. I knew the Lord would give me the energy and patience if my littles couldn't stay in their room. I also knew He was completely capable of giving me the rest I craved.
Cut to 7am, Little Thing 1 and his quiet sister, Little Thing 2, appeared at my bedside poking my nose. They took the iPad upstairs quietly. I thought Alright God, this works for me today.
Again, cut to 7:40am Will comes stumbling into the room, by this point I am so thrilled to have received the blessing of sleep. But our God, our sweet, wonderful God goes beyond. Ephesians 3:20 says our God "is able to do immeasurable more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us." (NIV). He goes beyond our idea of what beyond is. Will climbed on my bed and pushed some toys at my face.
"What's this?" I asked
His sweet little voice replied, "I made you breakfast for in bed".
Not only did I get my sleep and not only did the Holy Spirit interfere in my attitude and perspective, I was blessed by my thoughtful son first thing in the morning.
You see, I don't know about you, but I LOVE breakfast in bed. I LOVE food, I LOVE gifts, I LOVE my bed. Breakfast in Bed is probably one of my most favorite things. Of course, this breakfast was Jenga block "pretzels", a wooden orange, and a plastic strawberry, but the thought of it! OH the thought of it blessed my heart.
The rest of the day went so well. I was productive, but not to the point of tiring myself out. The kids obeyed so well. We did fun things. We did educational things. I got a nap. Even though Corey didn't make it home until after 5pm, it was a good day.
I hope that as you meditate on how awesome our God is, how blessed we are with families and/or friends, that you will see in your own life God doing exceedingly, abundantly more than all you can ask or imagine. Even if it's just a bit more rest & breakfast in bed. I hope that you let the Holy Spirit interfere for you when you feel like having a private (or not-so-private) whine-fest.
I know I will be trying!

14 February 2013

28 weeks! How Did I Get Here?!

I'm really 28 weeks along in this pregnancy!! I would be further along too, if they didn't keep changing my due date! Tomorrow I'm 29 weeks. I seriously only have 10 more weeks. That may not sound soon to you, but I have a lot I need to get done in the meantime. Not really, I guess. I just have a feeling the rest of this time is going to fly by.
Lately, a question has been running through my head over & over, "How well will I adjust to having 3 kids?". I know God will be there for me & give me strength. I am thankful Corey will have 10 days paternity leave (wahoo). I just keep thinking about it (& giving it to God whenever the answer in my head is a stressed response, lol). When I had Will I was in a similar situation of not having a lot of friends or even acquaintances & being relatively new to the area. However, Im hoping because this is my third child, because I'm already getting connected, & because I'm older/wiser (?) that it wont be as hard this time. Sophia was easy peasy! She was a sleepy baby, my mom was visiting when she was born & helped a lot with Will, I had so many friends to encourage me & who cooked meals for us, it was easy. Ultimately, I know we will not only get through it, but thrive. If it is an easy transition, then sweet! If it is a hard transition, then at least I will grow & be refined through that trial, right?! RIGHT?!
After all that rambling, let me just say I am SOOOO excited to meet this little guy! I'm excited to see how he's going to fit into our family! I'm really excited to kiss & cuddle him!!

Today nesting instincts hit! I tackled some clearing out of the nursery (even though there is a lot more to do), I went through the final boxes left from the move, & straightened up several areas in the house that needed it. Now we have to move a couple big pieces of furniture, recycle boxes, & packing paper. I will be beyond joyful when there are no more moving boxes in my house!

BTW, Happy Valentine's Day! I love any excuse to give gifts to my loved ones, so I went a little big (is that possible?) for Wills & Phia. I got them a little bit of candy (& even let them eat it first thing in the morning! Yes, I'm THAT mom, who cares), these cute stuffed bear PEZ dispensers, cards with little crafts inside, & these awesome balloons. Will had been eyeing the balloons since the BX started displaying them & he was thrilled when he saw his! It makes it so worth it! His was Winnie the Pooh & Sophia's was a Love Bug. I didn't take any pictures, because I'm lame & wanted to just enjoy the moment. ;)
Well, I better go make dinner & vacuum downstairs, we have new friends coming for dinner tomorrow! Hope you enjoyed my random ramblings!! Oh & I know you all want more pictures of the kiddies, so here you go! 
This is from last month, but my little boy is a ham! He just walked up to me like this & requested a picture be taken.
This little girl, quietly got into Mommy's make-up & accidentally broke most of it. This picture, by the way, was taken by William! Can a Momma get a nap without the kids wrecking the place please?! HAHA