23 April 2011

How Fast Do You Eat?

How fast do you eat your meals? Are you slow, everyone is finished before you're half way through? Are you fast, always waiting for someone to finish?
Studies link the speed of your eating back to childhood & the way your family ate.
I was reading another blog that had this topic & asked people to comment which they were, if it was linked to their childhood & what not. I was somewhat surprised by the majority of fast eaters. I guess I shouldn't be. People gave such crazy reasons why they are either way.
One person blamed their fast eating on their kids. I have kids too, but that doesn't change how I eat. I like to take my time, taste my food, talk, talk, & talk some more, I still somehow manage to take care of my kids issues & even feed Sophie. Mealtime just takes longer now, because there are more things in between my bites.
One person said they eat fast so food stays the right temperature. I feel ya girl! I really do. I like my food to be served piping hot. It does suck when I get to the last few bites & it's starting to get cool. BUT whenever that happens it is because I'm having a wonderful conversation & enjoying life.
I don't think there is anything wrong with being a fast eater. I just am not one & I don't think I ever will be. Corey sped me up a little & I've slowed him down a bit. In his defense when I met him he still was under Basic Training's you-better-eat-fast-or-you-wont-fini... HA!
Breakfast: I usually have Will eat his breakfast while I feed Sophie, sometimes I eat with them too, but most of the time I wait until I put Sophie down for her 1st nap & I have a little "me time" with my breakfast & bible.
Lunch: I have Will eat his while I feed Sophie. When they are both down for their naps I eat my lunch (usually in front of the TV, but I portion control)
Dinner: We all eat dinner at the table together. Usually Corey feeds Sophie right before our dinner & she eats finger foods in the highchair while we eat (Sometimes he eats & feeds her). I take my time, we talk, watch Will (who usually gets down rather quickly & plays outside), & help whoever needs help. We linger. I usually linger longer.
In my ideal life each meal would be long, social, & good. I never really pay attention to how others are eating when we eat with others. Is that rude? I feel pressured when I realize I'm the last one eating, but I can't help but talk & take small bites & really enjoy my food.
Oh yea, & if we are out & the kids are out of control, I would rather pack up my food & eat it later, than try to shove it in.
My family ate some meals together (more in the earlier years of my life), some in front of the TV. I've always been a talker & a foodie so I think those things together make me slow. I'm the slowest one in all of my family (maybe except my aunt Mardee), but I wouldn't really say they eat fast, just not as slow as me. haha
How about you?

20 April 2011

Will waking up his Deydee & a little more

First I should clarify that Will does not call Corey "daddy" but instead it's "deydee". I don't know.
Corey works the 11pm to 7am shift, so we at the Shipe household have giddy anticipation for the 4pm hour! Time to wake up Deydee! I've been trying new ways to wake him up, because Corey doesn't wake well.

Today we tried the Kiss Attack method. Apparently Corey is not a fan of that, as his first utterances were sharp "too much, too much". So, the quick thinking clever wife/mom I am, I tried the Let's All Sleep method. Cute, little, adorable, bull-in-a-china-cabinet Will did this...

Crawl over Deydee, stretch to turn off lamp, crawl back over to Deydee, push Deydee, push feet under covers, pull covers up, wiggle to get comfy, leans head back knocking Deydee in the mouth (yes, he was THAT close), makes a snorting snoring sound, lifts head up, says "scoose me", leans head back, wiggles, sits up, crawls over to lamp, stretches to turn light on, sits back, looks at parental units, & the whole process starts again!

Now imagine that no less than 15 times!! Seriously, I'm not exaggerating!! I could help but laugh every single time! He had this whole little process & what was with him repeating it so many times! haha

A little bit more about my little man...
We keep flirting with the idea of potty learning, but man does he know how to fight! For now we are changing him in the bathroom (a teeny, tiny bathroom btw) & offering him the option of sitting on the toilet. He has recently started throwing a tantrum every time I changed his diaper. It is starting to calm down & he even sits on the toilet after I get the diaper off. It's just getting him there! Oh well, everyone pees & poops in the potty eventually right?!

He seems like such a big boy now! He knows so much & does so much for himself. He is using mostly real cups, pours his own milk or water (from a small plastic pitcher), can make some simple snacks, helps me with almost all my cooking, serves himself, sets the table (-ish, he takes the stuff to the table), he can put on his outside boots all by himself! There is so much more, but you get the idea. It's so great to see him turning into himself! I really like him.
He is pretty considerate for his age & shares pretty well for his age. As you all probably know 2 is an emotional time in a kids life. They have all these really strong emotions they just don't know how to handle. They know so much, but can communicate so little. They have all these ideas of how they want things, but in general so little power. Sometimes I literally see Will a little scared of how intense his emotions are. Something that is SO strange to me, Will will do something not acceptable (like throw a toy) & I have to deliver the consequence (put it away for the day), he'll get mad at me, I try to help him through those feelings, he'll push me away, and not even a second later is asking me for comfort. It's getting more normal, but I remember thinking how ridiculous it is when it first began. haha. I am the enforcer, the helper, the teacher, & the comforter! What is great is that parenting is opening my eyes more to who God is! If only we were like children, so quick to turn to God for our comfort.

Will, you are such a sweet boy. You are growing so fast. I know that there are times when life seems very hard & your emotions are so strong, but I want you to know that I am here in those times. I will comfort you. I LOVE hearing your laugh, it brings so much happiness to my heart! I love your little expressions. I love how much you love your deydee. You are so caring! I feel so very blessed to be your mom, that you want to share your toys, day, world with me. Thank you for letting me teach you, thank you for making me Mom. I can't wait to hug you. You're my lovey!

19 April 2011

Sophia's Best Friend/ 7 month update

Sophie has a best friend, her thumb! I remove it during the day, unless she is in a stressful situation (like a big ol' brother accidentally bopped her upside the head). But she is so cute with it. She was laying in bed under her blanket when I went to wake her from her nap. Her arms were spread out. As I pulled the blanket off she jostled awake & her thumb reflexively went into her mouth super quick! lol. When she was coherent enough to see me she popped it out & gave me her big, beautiful, dimpled smile, along with some "I'm happy" kicky action! LOVE IT! LOVE HER!!

She's doing great! She is a very happy baby. She is also pretty content to play by herself. She is officially mobile! She gets around in the weirdest ways! She arches her back so her weight is on her feet & head & pushes herself around like that. She also has started rolling EVERYWHERE! Her newest thing is going into plank position (toes & arms, with body off the ground), which she sometimes transitions into downward dog. Yes my little girl has MAD abs, great strength, & is already into yoga! haha. I could take tips from her. She is also sitting up really well now! Not completely independent, but mostly.

Like I mentioned before she is happy. She is always smiling & I love it! There is nothing greater than entering a room (or someones eyesight) & seeing them light up with happiness!

She is on solids for 3 meals a day now. I make her baby food, except the oatmeal & whole wheat baby cereals. I am also substituting fruit in the jar with the stuff I make, because fruit is a lot more time consuming that veggies! We have introduced the straw cup & she took right to it, so we offer it once a day. She has started finger foods, but can only do the big things for now. Honestly, I love when they are off the bottle & when they can feed themselves, but I wont rush... too much.

She is still a heavenly sleeper. Sleeps from 7:30/8pm to 7:30/8am with 3-4 naps totaling about 5 hours during the day! She is getting over a virus so maybe she'll change her napping habits soon.

She and Will have started "playing" together. They really are playing next to each other & sometimes talk at each other. It's really nice to see. Will always looks for her. The other day just he & I went to the store & when we got in the car he freaked out that Sophie wasn't in her seat. Also a couple weeks ago, they held hands while we were driving! (I was so bummed that I packed my camera in the back!) But they keep doing it, so one day I will catch it! Sophie lights up when she sees Will. Will loves to hold her & is constantly trying to carry her around with him! haha

*thumb sucking
*mommy's jewelry (no joke she plays with my jewelry longer than ANY toy)
*daddy's tickles
*sitting up
*the wind

*loud, sudden noises

yeah, see I can't even come up with dislikes!!

well, Sophia, You are 7 months this week. I am so glad you are a part of our family. You bring such happiness & fun into our lives. You are so strong & pretty coordinated for your age! You impress me that way. I love cuddling with you. I love nuzzling your cheeks. Everyone compliments your cheeks! Thank you for lighting up when you see me. Thank you for playing with my hair, it makes me feel loved. I am so glad your brother has you & know that you have a good, strong, protective brother. Your daddy loves you so much, you are already his lil princess! You are so special. We love you,