30 June 2008


It happened! I am officially knocked up! wahoo! We are so very excited. This is such a huge blessing from God, he was faithful to keep encouraging us and giving us faith and trust in Him. I am so thankful that God has bestowed this blessing on us. AHHHH! I can't even explain how exciting this is.
I took the home test on Friday and today we took the blood test at the hospital. In a few weeks I go to the hospital for a sort of orientation (basically they tell us how to be healthy and all that), there I get more blood work done, find out more precisely when my due date will be (as the internet calculator told me the estimated due date in March 6, 2009), and schedule my first docotor appointment.
I think I'm on my 5th week and the baby is the size of a poppy seed. Although it is very small, I'm already feeling tired in the afternoons. Luckily my life affords me time to nap, but I still feel pretty unproductive if I have things to do and just take a nap. I'm trying to remember that my body needs the rest.
I'm trying to make sure I eat all my fruits and veggies everyday. I'm going to a farmer's market tomorrow, yum! I have been jogging lately, so I am going to keep up with that. I really want to have a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy. I'm so excited.
So, I will totally keep everyone up to date through here and myspace and I'm sure a LOT of phone calls, lol. Thank you so much for everyone who has prayed for us!

11 June 2008

East Coast Trip 2008

ahh (relaxed), Life is good. Corey and I just got back from a wonderful 3 week vacation and while I did not get preggers this past month, this is the month of trying. Yaye! I really hope this works.

Well for our trip we started in Maryland with his family. We spent a little time in his hometown and then we all went to Ocean City (freakin' awesome). We ate funnel cake, laid on the beach, rode the rides, walked the boardwalk a million time, but most important we hung with his family.

Next was down to North Carolina to visit my family. We hung out went shopping and to the pool. We went to Cracker Barrel, which I am convinced has the BEST blueberry panacakes. I loved spending time with my family. We were able to check out our next base, Shaw AFB, that was helpful and made this move more real feeling.

Then we flew on over to Georgia, Boeckh-ville! We played in their pool almost all day everyday. Well we did get out to eat and play Rock Band, which I was scared to play, but am now utterly addicted. Corey and I are god parents to Tristan and Skylar, makes me so happy, because I love those kids like I would my own. I was so glad to chill with my Abi, she's such a refuge & the best friend anyone can ask for. She kicked my butt and hired me a personal trainer, lol. Loved it.

I love his family, I love my family, and I love the Boeckh's, it was so awesome! I'll post some pictures tomorrow, I'm too lazy to dig through my luggage to find all the cords and such.

I'm glad to be back too. I missed my Molly, she's so cute. My mom is moving in with us for a few months. I hope that it helps her and I really hope that she moves to the east coast. I know my siblings would love it.

I love life. I love God. I've learned a lot the last 3 weeks. Things about God, exercise, nutrition, kids, and some other stuff. hehe.