25 December 2009

Jesus' Birthday 2009

We had so much fun this year & I really understand how Christmas becomes all about the kids when you have them!

We started the day by celebrating Jesus' Birthday with cinnamon rolls & then we opened presents! We took a nap & then started on dinner. Grampy (my dad), Brandon, Katie, Michael, Veronica & Andrew came over. We hung out & had a big Christmas Feast of ham (my first ham!), greenbean casserole, rolls, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, & stuffing. Corey & I had Pinot Noir from the Biltmore (very good). Dessert was brownies made by Veronica! We hung out a little more. After the fam left the Dunham's (V & Andrew), Corey, & I played Guesstures. Then we put Will down for bed, the Dunham's left & Corey & I cuddled.

Here are the pictures (they are out of order)!
Will walking to me!
Will loves books, these will get lots of love
(from aunt barbra, mom-mom & pop-pop)

thanking Grampy for his gift (activity center)
yaye for Socks! (aunt B, mom-mom & pop-pop)
Opening a gift from Tutu & Pa
(stacking cups)

More books he'll enjoy
he is amazed at this fish tank
Will's Birth Sampler from Anut Barbara
Corey's present (except I accidently grabbed the one for Mac's)
OoooOOOoo Catapillar
Me, Katie, Mike, & Brandon, YAYE!
I LOVE them soo much!
He was pointing at the bears on the paper, so cute, my lil genius! hehe

23 December 2009


So I feel like blogging about our life. Nothing paticular, just rambling.

I have free time because Corey is working 12-hour shifts, 6pm-6am. It's not fun, but it'll be over soon. I've been having a hard time falling asleep without him, but I think it has more to do with barely seeing him. I'm not usually the type that has a hard time falling asleep, period. haha

Will is doing awesome. He is growing of course. It's crazy how fast this happens. He is really on the verge of walking. He is taking 1 1/2 steps, as of now. He is really bonding with Molly. Sometimes I catch them cuddling on Molly's bed. Molly is still apprehensive about him, because he sometimes (gets too excited) hits her/pulls her hair. It's cute.

We are all done with christmas shopping. However, I didn't send out all the cards yet. haha. It's not my fault I ran out of envelopes & kept forgetting to get them. You'll get them, geez!

I am done with all the have-to's & now get to enjoy the season!

Hope you do too!

11 December 2009

My Birthday- pretty late

This is exactly a month late, but hey whatever.

I turned 25 this year, whoa! haha yeah right! I feel young & do not at all feel like 25 is "old". I feel accomplished & very happy with life.

My day started off with breakfast in bed from my guys! Crepes, eggs, sausage & milk. YUM! (Corey went to IHOP hehe).

Then as the day wore on Will developed a fever. We took him to the Dr. His fever came down quickly & the Dr. wasn't sure if it was bacterial or viral. So we went back the next day and he still wasn't sure. Will seemed a little better, but apparently his numbers (blood test) went up. So he gave him an antibiotic shot (just in case) & we went back again the next day. Will was all better, the Dr. wasnt sure it was from the shot (& he would need follow-up medicine to make sure it was all gone) or he was just getting better. I llistened to my instincts & watched him closely for the next two days (w/o the meds) & decided not to give them.

So the night of my birthday...

We went out with Faith, the Borg's, & the Dunham's to the Melting Pot. It was AMAZING!! I definitely reccomend it! Because we had a large party we were able to order 3 of all the fondues! Now you know I'm a foodie (or fatty, tomayto-tomawto) so here you go...

We ordered the Fiesta Cheese, Spinach Artichoke, & Cheddar Cheese Fondues for appetizers. Fiesta was my fav. The Spinach Artichoke was a little too garlic-y for moi. So with the cheese they give veegies, breads, tortilla chips, & apples. (yes the apples are great with cheese!)

Dinner we had the oil & the vegetable broth. I ordered chicken (not reccomended, it was plain & though they gave seasonings it wasnt enough). Faith however ordered the Teryaki Steak which was YUM! You also get a salad before your entree, I got ceasar (i didn't like their ceasar). You get veggies, batters, & dips with your fondues.

Dessert (are you excited to hear about it?) we ordered s'mores, dark chocolate, and the original (crunchy peanut butter & milk chocolate). Now I LOVE dark chocolate & on a date that would've been it, very sexy to me. However, I cannot deny the heaven-on-earth that was the Original. I would've eaten the WHOLE pot was it not on the other side of the table! haha. Dessert comes with marshmallows, rice crispy treats, cheesecake, strawberries, pound cake, & brownies! & yes, free refills of the dipables! Amazing, right?
If you haven't gone, GO!

That weekend Corey had to work, so Will and I went up to celebrate with my dad and the twins. Dad made our family recipe brisket (sooo good) and bought a good, cute cake. I really loved that they celebrated with me.

That was that! I had recieved a few great gifts & a lot of well wishes! Here's some pictures...
Dunham's, Borg's, Faith & Moi...
again at the Melting Pot, but now with my guys Cor & Wills...
Me, Wills, & My Family Birthday Cake...
blowin' out the candles!
Yummy candle! I LOVE him!