31 December 2011

See ya 2011, Hello 2012

So time to reflect on the past year & look ahead to what may lie ahead in the future year!

2011- It really was a great year. God has truly blessed us! Even in trials he has drawn us closer to Him & that makes it so worth it! We are at a pretty awesome time in our lives. There are always bumps, but this year (from what I remember) they have all been relatively small. Or more likely, my view from here makes them appear small. Here are some highlights. If I forgot one that you can think of, comment it!

* Had many good dates with my honey
* iPad for Valentines Day, we love our iPad
* Will turned 2 with an AWESOME Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme!
* We spent Corey's Birthday in Myrtle Beach with the wonderful Boeckhs! In a really nice condo, btw!
* Will's first real-ish Easter Egg Hunt! (he knew what he was doing & got a bunch of loot!)
* Will & Sophie experienced their first ever fireworks! They LOVED it!
* Meeting the Steinkopfs! I am so glad God crossed our paths!
* Being a DGL for the Silver Sparklettes at MOPS!
* We survived Corey's month long TDY to Alaska (even managed to have some fun & learn somethings!)
* Will started preschool!!! 3 hours, 3 days a week.
* Sophia's 1st Birthday! (that was the beginning of the month of sickness, but my Lil Ladybug had a great day!)
* Fun dressing up for Halloween
* Thanksgiving with my family (the best part was ordering the main parts)
* Christmas-time with Corey's family & some of my family up in Maryland

2012- I'm excited to see where God takes us this year. I feel like we are pretty open. Here are some things that I am looking forward to.

* Corey coming home!!! This is so much on my mind & my heart! I hope it's soon!
* My baby boy turning 3!! He is such a fun little guy!
* Speaking of little boy... Will being fully potty trained! (the week we have no misses will be a glorious one & I will throw a party! Seriously, I think I will! lol)
* Ocean City trip! We always look forward to this! Hopefully Corey will come home early enough to join us for this!
* Both kids will be in preschool! Which is so weird to me! I think I might not like it, but I can learn to ;) I'll be able to get SO much done in those 9 hours a week!
* Sophia will be turning 2!!
* Starting to plan Corey's 30th Birthday Week at Disney World!!! what what!! I have to go to ITT after I get the tax return haha.
* Start fantasizing about my 30th Birthday in Paris (okay okay, a little too early, but whatever! haha)

So, I don't really do resolutions, but I guess I kind of do... Last Year I wanted to lose 30lbs. (I lost 15!), I can't remember what else (I should have looked at past blogs to see if I blogged it, oh well).

For 2012,
* Daily giving up my plans & wants & ideas to God. Daily Dependence.
* Focus on my calling from God. I am called to show God's love to my children, to teach them who he is. I have a purpose!
* I want to spend 15 minutes outside everyday with the kids (even if the weather is extreme), we've already started doing this, but I'll throw it out here.
* Take more pictures. Too general right? Well, I signed up for a 365/52 project, I'm not sure if I'll stick with it, but I just got a kick-ass new PS which I'm able to carry around with me all the time. So that's a step in the right direction
* Workout more often & more consistently. There is always something coming up, but I love working out & it's good for me & my kids! My ultimate goal would be jogging 4 days a week with 3 days of strength training.

Thanks for your encouragement & support! What are some of your highlights? What are you looking forward to? Have any resolutions?

10 December 2011

Potty Learning Saga

Wow. Really with the potty learning?! We started with Will in September. He did GREAT, at first. Slowly he has progressed to not pooping in the toilet at all. He will pee & is perfect with pee, but poop has not touched his potty in a long time.
I've been through a wide range of emotions over this. I knew the whole time I should stay calm & not make a big deal about misses, but I failed several times along the way! I decided a couple weeks ago to back off (with the stress in it) & see if that improved things. Maybe I need to just work on it longer, but so far it hasn't improved anything.
I know it's really not something you can push. They'll get it when the choose to. I guess I'm just stressed that I'm messing things up on my part. Either from my stressed out moments or from not giving him the thing he needs to encourage him to do it!
We started out with the bare bottom approach & that worked for awhile, but then it didn't. I've tried rewards, that worked for awhile, but now it only does sometimes & not for poop. I think I just need to get back to my original plan. The Montessori way. I am going to help him to be as independent in this process as I can. No pushing, inviting him to use the toilet at regular times. Maybe keep record of when he poops. I think I may even start having Sophie sit on the potty after meals & before nap/bed.
I know this is silly. I know he will eventually get it. I'm not really stressed about the cleaning up anymore, I've resigned myself to it. I really don't want him to feel bad, because i huff & puff about misses. He is a great, strong, competent boy & I know he'll get it soon. Just know if you are doing this, or about to, I'm here with you. I feel ya. I smell what you're steppin' in!

01 December 2011

Our Advent Activities

Instead of a chocolate advent calendar (because we'll get enough of that anyway), I decided to make the advent a little more special & do activities with the kids! So here's our countdown list

1. Hot chocolate with candy cane stirrers
2. Decorate house
3. Open & hang special Christmas ornament for the year
4. Decorate the little Christmas tree
5. Make & hang snowflakes in the window
6. Visit Santa
7. Christmas art (trying to decide which one I want to do)
8. Cotton ball Snowmen
9. Gingerbread house
10. Make grandparent's ornaments
11. Hot Cocoa & Cookies Party (a small party)
12. Christmas Movie Night: Elf
13. Make a gift for the Moppettes (childcare providers at Mom's group)
14. Holiday Treats
15. Go out with Uncle Mike
16. Swan Lake Lights
17. Snowmen Ornament craft
18. Take the neighbors their gifts (muddy buddies)
19. Christmas Movie Night w/Steinkopf's: (not sure which one yet)
20. Visit Janet & "Papa" (btw Janet, lol, I was thinking what if I stayed with you to break my trip up to Maryland up. Im not 100% on this, but tell me your thoughts since here it is, lol)
21. Leave for Maryland
22. ICE @ Gaylord Nationals (Indoor thing with tons of ice sculptures with the Merry Madagascar theme)
23. Make cookies for Santa & family
24. Tutu's Christmas Eve dinner

What do you all think? What are your plans for the holidays? What are you doing for your advent calendars?