28 July 2011

On a side note...

I'm sensitive right now. haha. Not sensitive "I'm going to cry any moment", more like heightened feelings. Does that make sense.

Someone who has always lived in the same populous region (ie there are plenty of things to do withing 15 mins), with lots of family nearby (ie to help with kids & emotional well-being), just said to me Corey is going to be deployed for "only 6 months". Now, obviously, after thinking about it I realize she just was re-checking that that was the deployment length... or so I am giving the benefit of the doubt. BUT when I first ready it I felt like she was saying "only 6 months, that's not anything", which IS true in the sense that people are deployed/remote for longer periods of time. BUT I felt hurt, because she has no idea what it would be like & even if she did, I don't think anyone should talk about their friends spouse being gone in terms of "only". It's hard to have a spouse gone! especially if they will be in a more dangerous area! & you have 2 little ones! & he's already gone & you likely wont have much time with him before he goes!

haha, SEE sensitive! Totally illogical right? But at least I'm taking the time to wait before I say things that will let everyone in on my illogical craziness! (well besides you blog readers!) Don't worry you don't have to walk on eggshells around me, I just have to 2nd guess any strong feelings I have, HA! It may be that C's been gone. It may be the looming deployment. It may be that it's that time of the month soon. It may be I'm just crazy! haha

That's it. O, except I have a tv guilty pleasure... Love In the Wild. It's on NBC Wednesday nights. I'm totally addicted! Now, that is it!

06 July 2011

Our first TDY

This morning Corey left for TDY for about a month to Alaska. I'm a little jealous, because I'd like to see Alaska, especially this time of year.
So, this will be the longest Corey and I have ever been apart since before we were dating. Weird right? We have been blessed to never had to go through a deployment or a remote tour.
This is also his first TDY since we've had Will.
I know one month is nothing for most military wives, but it is something for me. I know I will be fine, especially if I lean on the Lord during the trying times! It's just something different for us. I imagine the hardest part will be when I can sense the kids missing him. That or the monotony of doing the same basic things day in & day out.
Well, he's my best friend & I love him. Please remember us in your prayers if you don't mind (it never hurts to have extra prayers). Today was a great day, I felt God with me the whole day (even though we just started), I have a feeling he will be here with me the whole time. He's awesome like that!