22 February 2009

The Vicious Cycle

Here it is,

1)You get sick,
2)Then you have to drink more water (you know to flush it out & because you are breathing through your mouth & thus losing more fluids),
3)Then you end up getting up several times during the night, to go potty from all the water (& a bit of achiness & to blow your nose),
4)Because you aren't getting much sleep, what happens? Your immune system is compromised & weak,
5)Making you... SICK, AGAIN!!

~Add to this a husband who insists on kissing you regardless (because he's in the Air Force, he's "invincible") & then you pass it back & forth.
~Add to this that you spend all day (well kind of) sanatizing doorknobs, comp. mouse, etc.
~Add to this growing a baby!! & All the other symptoms that come with THAT.

& you have a lovely VICIOUS cycle! lol

Just thought I'd share... ohh I should take a picture of sick me & Corey (he's still invincible in my eyes, lol) & add it to this. lol I will tomorrow. Poor baby, he had to work tonight.

17 February 2009

Art for Will

Oh, forgot to post these pictures on the last blog. These are the paintings I made for Will's room. They are sporty. His room isn't sports themed. It's these colors (with army green also) & I'm not that skilled, so I went with a simple look.

Corey wants to get me some more canvases to paint an "S" & other things for the whole house. I don't know why HE doesn't start painting. He is a really great artist (way better than me!). I love that he likes my simple, silly art though, it makes me feel good. Maybe we can start doing it together.

Ahh, I can't wait until Will is making his own art! (i
know, i know, it'll be a long time, but still)


Is this baby ever going to come out?!!?

I really thought he would have arrived by now, but I suppose all mom's think that. I know God will bring him in due time & there are things we are still taking care of, so it's good.
Corey's mom's birthday is the 24th, so that would be really special if we had it on her birthday.

We finally got our "family car". It's a beautiful 2003 RAV4! It's blue, which I never thought of, but it's really pretty. It's wonderful & we are so happy with it. Here are some pictures of it. I didn't feel like moving it to get better pictures, sorry.

Also, I've been making some simple paintings for William's room. They are sporty-themed, even though his room is not themed at all. But while I was making those... I got creative & painted what I call "baby boy". It wasn't on purpose, but it ended up being the same size as me! Well, practically. (hope it doesn't make any of you blush)

So, other than being really uncomfortable, I am doing great! William & Corey are both doing great also.
Corey has been off of XBOX for almost 2 weeks!! The reason... Cor had been playing on one of my dad's tvs that he left here. Well, when my dad moved, he took it. Cor would've just moved it to the living room, but apparently we need all kinds of cables for the internet (his fav. game needs to be online to play w/others). So... my honey has been sober. lol. It'll be back to normal in March. Apparently, that is the best time to buy a new TV (that's what Real Simple told me, because all the new tvs are coming in april). Although... William will be here then, so things wont really be normal, will they?

Molly (our puppy) is doing really good too. She listens so well to her mommy (that's me) & they recently opened a dog park on base! FUN! I think I should take her now, I need a little break from cleaning.

Alright, well I hope you all are doing well. Have a great rest of the week & I will totally call you if I go into labor!

oh yeah, fyi, Tuesday nights between 6pm-10pm @ Baskin Robbins, scoops are only $1, $1.50 for 2 scoops!!! Guess where we are going tonight?!

07 February 2009

How Wonderful

How Wonderful is this Man?!

He is so flippin' fantastic! I really love him & he really takes such great care of me.

Not only does he keep me laughing all the time & looking on the bright side, he knows exactly how to make me feel better in almost every situation.
He's hot, caring, selfless, funny, honest, hardworking, creative, godly, motivating, passionate, respectable, & everything else I can think of.

He has been working a lot lately & today he spent his first day off in a while helping my Dad move, again! I tried to help as much as I could, but that's not very much at all. He didn't complain about it at all, although I know he wanted to relax this weekend. So, not only did he have to load the truck (with the help of my wonderful little bro, & a little help from dad, me & katie) he had to drive 2 hours up there, help unload, take my Dad on some errands, fix some stuff around their house, & now he is driving 2 hours back here. All by himself. He asked me to stay here because a) he knew I didn't want to drive in the car for 4 hours & b) he didn't want me to be too far from the hospital incase I went into labor. Sweetie!

On top of all that, I got my Valentine's Day present early! It is something I've been wanting for the last year or two... Edible Arrangements!! It looks soooo pretty & it's covered in Dark Chocolate, my absolute favorite!! I am so excited to chow down on it when he gets home.

I am so thankful that God has blessed me with such a truely wonderful husband. I really mean that & I really hope that I show not only everybody in the world how much I love him, but most of all him. He isn't perfect, I know, but he is such a blessing to me every single day. I want to dip him in dark chocolate, wrap him in a crepe & eat him all up! lol. I'm so goofy.

p.s. please don't get sick from all my cheesiness. lol I know it was a lot.

05 February 2009

My Bunny!

Check this out!!

It's my BUNNY! My great-grandma (Mamaw) made this bunny for me when I was born. That's what my parents always told me. I hope that is right. lol.

I love this bunny, but I am so amazed that somehow I managed to hold on to it.

There are several things from childhood we, as a family, lost because of losing storage units & moving ALOT.

I found this bunny awhile back, but refound it as we were setting up William's room. So, even though he's a boy & this is, obviously, a very girly bunny, I decided to wash it, praying it wouldn't fall apart.

To my suprise & delight it looks practically brand new!!! I should've taken a picture of it before I washed it. It was disgusting, I'm pretty sure my parents NEVER washed it! lol. So 24 years of yuck & a 30 minute meeting with some laundry soap & Oxyclean. Voila! Clean, beautiful, sanitary Bunny!

There are a few strings that have come loose & the elasticity on the bonnet isn't elastic anymore, but it's great!

Did I mention it has a super cool zipper in it's back?! I used to hide notes, pictures, toys, and the like in there. Awww, memories!

04 February 2009

He has dropped!

I've been meaning to blog about a few things, but keep getting distracted.

The newest news, I've "dropped" (that means he's lowered his head into the pelvic area & is ready to come out). Well, that's what the doctor said. He's definitely head down. So, it really is anyday now. Whenever these Braxton Hicks contractions decide to become REAL contractions.

Yesterday, we had one of our childbirth classes & we got to tour the Labor & Delivery area at the hospital. It was really cool. I have to tell you all though, I got a little panicky when we were in the delivery room. It was a little warm in there, but then all of a sudden I realized I'm going to be in that freakin' bed soon! Then it was really hot in there. lol. I was able to keep my cool, but ahh! I'm really going to have this baby! (I know, I'm a genius! lol) As we were ending the tour & heading back to class, we walked by the nursery & one of the couples that is the class was there! She had her baby the day before, crazy!! She was a month early. Talk about making it real.

I figured out a way to describe how it feels. It's like going on a roller coaster. You think it's a great idea & waited in line & are all excited, now you're on it. Then you start going up, clunk-clunk, no big deal your still close to the ground, but after 8 months of clunk-clunk, clunk-clunk, you start to think, "well, this is pretty high, huh?", clunk-clunk, "what am I doing?...", clunk-clunk, "ummm.... maybe they can let me off...", "i don't think i want to do this", "ahhh". (lol). It's that nervousness. BUT as I was describing this to Corey last night, I realized THIS! When you get off the roller coaster (heck, after the first dip sometimes) you are so excited. You may be a little shakey, but you are sooo happy that you did it! You almost can't wait to do it again.

I don't know if the roller coaster should represent just the delivery, or all of parenthood, but I feel better. I am excited to deliver him & I can't wait to meet him, for real, for real.

I wish my friends could be here when I have him. I know some of them are coming eventually & that I'll visit some of them eventually. but you know, right?

Alright, well, I have a few more things to write, but they'll have to wait until my camera is charged so I can add the pictures that go with those things! So check back soon!