29 July 2009


It's been awhile since I've posted pictures. Hey I'm busy! lol.

Here are some...
This was Will's first bite of carrots (he had other babyfood before)
He LOVES them!
He's working on the sippy cup, we might need to try one that you dont have to suck as hard...
Janet came for a short visit! Yaye!
We went on a trip to Florida for a family reunion. This was Will's first time hanging out naked, hey, we're scared of pee! Of course he LOVES it!
This is what our Mornings of Laziness look like...
notice Corey's wake-up smoothie? I was awake.
Corey went to put Wills to bed & he was in there for a long time, I went to check on them...
Feeding the baby, this is where we always feed Will. It's very worn in, haha, we have to rotate the cushions. Yes I know the burp cloth is yucky sorry.
Finally, this is an exersaucer we got for free. We wanted to test it out to see if he'd like it before we bought one. This one is very old, so we are ordering a new one online, wha what!
Oh yeah, he LOVES it too!

So Will is a very happy baby. I get two compliments almost everytime I go out. "He's so cute" (or something along those lines) and/or "He's so happy/alert". Yes he is. I love him. He laughs, giggles, smiles almost all the time. He is very ticklish, just like mom & dad.
Today, I was out with Will & there was a freak downpour just as we were leaving. It was Will's naptime soon so I decided to just go for it. I brought the car around, so Will wouldnt get too wet, but I totally forgot to unlock the doors! I looked down at him as I was running around the car to unlock to doors & he was laughing! We got soaked! but it was so much fun.
Alrighty I'll update you on more stuff later, I've got to make a baba.

20 July 2009

Will is growing up

Will wont sit back in his infant seat anymore. He tries to sit up all the way. Which is good (sad he's growing up so fast), but when I sit him up on the floor he leans over a lot (which upsets his tummy). I know that's what they do before they sit up for real, it's just amazing how fast it's happening.

He's also rolling over more. Corey was playing with Molly & Will couldn't see so he rolled over. He's a genius! haha. He wants to play with his feet, but cant quite keep them in his hands.

He's eating in a highchair & eating well. For Breakfast he has cereal & a fruit (so far only pears), Lunch is a green veggie & a yellow veggie, Dinner is cereal & a veggie. Dinner is hit or miss, so sometimes we only try cereal. I had grand plans of making my own babyfood, but there is a severe lack of organic fruits & veggies suitable for Will. I might check to see if Food Lion has any before I give up.

So, now I know why they say babies are so expensive. We are at a point where we are needing to buy more clothes, more bibs & burp cloths, a stroller (his is only his carseat & he wants to sit up now), & one of those exersaucers. Oh & food. I guess I'll have to reevaluate our budget.

Well, I think that's all we've got for now.
Oh on & me & Corey note: Corey might not get deployed. There are 29 people in a bucket & they are only choosing 7 people in the bucket to be deployed & 6 spots are already filled. So Corey has a 5% chance of going, but they already have 3 Ssgts. so we are trying to remain calm. haha

Day 1

Really, it's 4:43 & I've already thought of adjusting my plan or starting "tomorrow". haha. I have realized one thing about my sweets habit already. When Will cries I look for sweets. Maybe not right away, but after he goes down for his nap for sure. I guess this will be when I turn to God, for help dealing with the emotions & stop myself from eating that swiss cake roll. It's not like I'm super stressed when he cries or anything. It's wierd. So far, we're good.

the 28 day challenge

Ok, here it goes. I almost chickened out.

The Mission: Go 28 days without any sweets
The Reason: I am a sweet junkie & I can't seem to eat them in moderation, so I think the best thing would be to detox from them. I want to lose weight & more improtantly be healthy. I heard that it takes 28 days to create a habit.
The Exceptions: Now to clarify, to me sweets are candy, cakes, cookies, ice cream, and the like. I'm not going to count my starbucks drink as a sweet (I hardly ever go there anyway). If I am having a really sluggish day I can have a caffinated beverage (including soda), but only one.
The Substitutes: yogurt, fruit, 100% fruit juice, 100% fruit juice homemade popsicles, yogurt raisins, banana bread, homemade whole wheat muffins, & stuff like that.
The Support: God, Corey, & whoever reads this.

I'm scared to write about this, because I really don't want to fail & then everyone on here know I'm a loser. So that is the reason I am writting about this. haha. Thanks for your help!

08 July 2009

We ARE still young at heart!

So it has been pretty rainy the last few days. Corey had been sick for a week, a week ago, & now I have been sick for about a week. It's yucky. But the best thing happened Monday. Well... I should back up.

The Monday before, I had a wonderful friend, Janet Moon, come. She stayed the night! We just hung out at my house & it felt like we hadn't been apart. I love that feeling!

Then Wednesday, Abi, Tristan & Skylar came up to visit us! They stayed until Friday. We went to Ft. Jackson (my first time) that was fun to be at a real BX (except they call it a PX, oh BX= Base eXchange & P= Post). We had so much fun. I love them.

Then to top it off...

Corey had a fabulous 4 day weekend!!! I think that is the FIRST time since we've been at this base that Corey had the days-off he was supposed to get. Anyways! It was fabulous. We hung out all friday & went on a super long walk around the whole base & to the corner store. Saturday was 4th of July & we were lazy during the day & then went to Dillion park for festivities, but I left early with Will. (fireworks & babies I don't think sound like a swell plan). Sunday we drove my brother home to NC, I didn't end up getting lovely Chipotle, but one day I will have it again... Finally, Monday Corey let me sleep in & took the morning shift! I also went to the movies with my friend Faith, for some much needed "no-baby" girl time! For the first time ever, I didn't feel guilty leaving my lil Will man with Cor. But no, none of those things were the best thing that happened...

I grew up in California, so although we have plenty of downpours they are freezing! Right before we were going to put Wills to bed, a torrential downpour started. It looked stronger than a shower! We looked out the sliding glass door, then at each other & without a moment hesitation, Corey read my mind & said "Let's do it!". At those words we both stripped down to our underwear & ran outside (I was wearing a tank top & we have no neighbors).
We ran, jumped, sang, kissed, & ran some more. Molly barked. We kissed, hugged, laughing the whole time.
Then we came back in & video recorded us running around again. (you'll have to wait for the clip).

I LOVE my husband! I L-O-V-E him! I love that we are young at heart, that we are silly together. I love that he will run into the rain with me. aww, love.