29 October 2010

Newborn Summary Week 5

This a summary for Sophie's 5th week!

Her gas is definitely better. She burps very easily & when she doesn't it doesnt seem to be a problem. I think next week I am going to use the gas drops every other feeding & see how that goes.

Turns out Sophie is like me & Will, she has milk protein intolerance (or allergy, depending on who you ask). So she is on Enfamil Nutramigen. It's the Enfamil version of what Will had. It's expensive, so thankfully we are on WIC. Although I know eventually we will have to start paying for it out of pocket, so I'm on the lookout for coupons!
She is eating 3 1/2oz. every 3 hours, ending at 1030pm then we let her eat when she wakes. I have to wake her for most of her feedings still. It only takes her about 20 minutes to finish the bottle, with two or three burpings.

Waketimes are somewhere between 50-60 minutes, leaning more to 60. Sometimes there is still a waketime where she can only stay awake a short while after the feeding. If we go out for errands or something & she stays in her carseat, she will sleep the whole time (practically). During waketimes she is more alert and smiles (especially at Will).

I am still swaying with her until she's drowsy, mostly because I want to know she's tired since she doesn't show any signs of being tired until she is overtired. She goes down without crying 98% of the time, the other 2% I'll pick her right back up and sway a little more, then she goes down without crying. There have been a few naps she wakes early or at the 45minute mark, usually later in the day. I let her cry it out & she usually is fine with only a few minutes. At the nap from 8-1030, she has a tendency to fuss a lot on & off. I take this as her witching hour, because if I go in as soon as I pick her up she is quiet & sleeping. Not sure whats up with that! haha.

Sophie is still waking up once a night to eat. It used to be 3am, but now its anywhere between 2:20am and 3:30am. I can't lie & say Im not anxious for this to be gone. I know she still needs a night feeding, but she isn't very hungry at this feeding, so I hope it's not a waking out of habit. She also has started to wake up at 6am, but she is not hungry at all. As soon as I pick her up she quiets & closes her eyes, but she keeps waking up as soon as we put her down. We can't really let her cry it out, because at this time in the morning Will would wake up & not go back to bed. So we've decided to use the swing if she doesn't go back to bed after a few minutes. Will did this waking early too, but I remember his being even earlier, we did the same thing with the swing & then one day (around 8 months or so) he just snapped out of it. If they were hungry at this time I might consider making this our wake up time, but since they aren't Im going to sleep some more!
On a side note: I am always the one waking up in the middle of the night & it is really starting to wear on me! Corey doesn't do well at all with waking in the middle of the night, he would want to sleep all day, so I've just done it. I think I might ask him to do it tomorrow & just power through this one day. Not too much to ask, right?

There were a few outings this week, but FAR less than previously. We went to the pumpkin patch & dinner at a friend's Saturday. She slept the whole time at the pumpkin patch. At the friend's dinner she had her normal waketime & slept well in her carseat & my arms for her naps. Sunday we went to a kids museum & she slept in the sling almost the whole time. BUT suprisingly when she sleeps right after eating while we're out it doesnt make her more awake later in the day or anything. I think this is because she's still so young. We had a few appointments earlier in the week & went to MOPS on Thursday. This time at MOPS she actually stayed awake after I fed her for the whole waketime! Then as it was time to nap she happily fell asleep in my arms. Now if I could transfer her to the carseat. haha. I don't think I'll use the nursery at all, maybe when she's 6 months old, or at earliest after flu season.

So, I wasn't this way with Will, maybe because it wasn't flu season when he was born or because I was focused on other things with his development, but I do not want Sophie to get sick. I feel like she was born sick with a cold. I dont like a lot of people to hold her & I freak out at the thought of her in nursery. Will was really sick a week ago & I made sure he kept his distance as much as he could & I washed my hands as much as I could. She didnt get it thankfully. I would worry that Im too concerned with her not getting sick, but it's flu season & if my overprotectiveness keeps her without flu or colds, it works for me. I'll  be better once she's older.

That's it! Look forward to toddler summary of Will!!!

25 August 2010

Will, 18-month Summary

Things have been so hectic around here the last couple of weeks. We are preparing for the birth of Sophia, moving houses, and with the school-year starting there are more activities starting up also (like MOPS & bible studies). Will has really been doing great.

Eating- Will is up & down with how much he eats. One day he will eat a ton & want more all day & the next he'll eat only fruit and cereal. haha. I don't worry about how much he eats, I just make sure that I offer him something I know he likes & a variety so I can hopefully get every food group into him in a week. Which is normally doable. I do think I need to vary up the kinds of fruits & veggies I cook. I usually stick to the same, but I dont want him to grow aversions for anything.
Oh, the best thing I have learned to get him to try new things: Don't say anything! Just put it on his plate. I don't even say anything when I eat my portion. He has tried several things this way.

Playing- Ugh, I have been forgetting independent play. I guess I had a little mommy guilt that I've been so busy packing & unpacking & he's been playing by himself. I figure it's 2 weeks maximum of off-schedule & it wont ruin him. I'll just have to start up again next week & start slow.

Sleeping- He's doing really well with sleeping. His afternoon nap is now extending to 2-3 hours, since we've dropped his morning nap a few weeks ago. I much prefer one long nap. He did have a few nights of night waking about 30 minutes after going down for the bed when we were moving. I went in there a few times to comfort him, but after the third time I let him CIO & he was asleep in 10 minutes. It brought back memories of how hard CIO it is.

Communication- He is getting more vocal for sure! He has an opinion on almost everything. haha. He has said a lot of words here & there. He doesn't say very many words on a regular basis. I'm not worried though. He understands everything I say, follows 2-step commands, and all that good stuff. I do really like hearing him talk though! His voice is so cute. But yes, he is communicating through words, grunts, & signs more & more.
He's started signing "thank you". I have made a point to really use "thank you" & "please" in my daily life & everytime I say "thank you" he does the sign, it's funny.

Helper- He is such a helper! I've taken two of the metal sections off the swiffer so its his size. That is his favorite toy! He has helped pack, always cleans the table off after he eats, & knows the steps to wash his hands & face. I'm amazed at this kid!

Fits- He does have some fits, but I am getting better at handling them & preventing them. His worst time of the day has got to be while I'm making dinner, which apparently is the hardest time of day for most children. I have learned not to feed him any appetizers (he's not really hungry, because he wont eat dinner if I do). If Corey is home it's not too bad, but I haven't yet figured how to handle this one on my own. SO, if you have any suggestions, please send them my way! haha.

Animal Care- Will loves Molly, our dog... well, he at least likes her. She, on the other hand, avoids him like the plague. It's getting to the point that we have to start working on their relationship. Will is rough, which I think is normal, but still he needs to learn to be gentle with her. He likes to feed her. Sometimes he will yell when he feeds her, thouroughly confussing her. I have a section in the What To Expect The Toddler Years to read about toddlers & pets. Hopefully they will have some good suggestions. I can tell it makes corey sad that Will & Molly aren't best friends, haha.

Schedule- ugh, right now things are so hectic, but this is what it is (a little less planned activities this week)
7:30-wake, tv time
8:00- breakfast
8:30- clean up/tv time
9:00- art time/science time
9:30- outdoor play/errands
10:30- free play/independent play
11:00- lunch
11:30- nap
1:45-2:00- wake, snack
2:30- learning time (numbers right now)
2:45-3:00 errands
5:00- Daddy-time/free play
5:30-6:00- Dinner
6:30- outdoor play
7:15- family time
7:40- bathtime
8:00- bedtime

I'm hopeful Sophia will slide right into our schedule, but we are expecting to make adjustments & figure it all out with grace! haha

21 August 2010

Moving Day

It's here! Yaye for us getting to move into the bigger house before Miss. Sophia arrives! People keep commenting on me moving while 9 months pregnant, but it's way better than having a newborn & a toddler and moving. I am sick, so that part sucks!

This week, of course, flew by & didn't seem that hard actually. My least favorite part about moving is that some stuff has to wait until the last minute & it feels super chaotic. I HATE feeling disorganized!! Luckily, the Holy Spirit has grown in me a better sense of go-with-the-flow. Gotta love what God does to you through your kids! haha.

Aha, the guys are back to start the next load, so I guess my little break is over! hehe. I'll finish this up tonight.... or actually I guess in a few days (I forgot to schedule our cable & internet to switch over, oopsies).

24 July 2010

BumGenius 4.0 review link

Here is a review of the BumGenius 4.0 cloth diaper. I'm scared to try them now! I really liked the 3.0 & I really dont get why they had to discontinue them, blah. Hopefully these will suit me well, it's not like I had much time to get attached to the 3.0's but whatever.

BumGenius 4.0 review by awesome blogger

21 July 2010

Menu Plan Monday... a lil late

So, I still Menu Plan at home, but I havent posted it in a long time. I love menu planning, I just don't really see how people do it otherwise. But that's my OCD, right?

When Will turned 1 I planned all the meals & snacks for the day so that I made sure he got all the food groups he needed. Now, I'm a little more flexible. I know that each meal/snack has to have certain things.

Breakfast we have a grain, a fruit, and every other day we make eggs. Grains for breakfast vary from bagels, toast, cold cereal, & once a week I make something special like pancakes or french toast & I make enough to have that one more time during the week. Fruit is either strawberries, blueberries, applesauce, peaches or even mandarin oranges.

Lunch we have grains, veggies, protein, & dairy (sometimes). Things like sandwiches, organic mac & cheese with veggies mixed in it, or leftovers.

Snack we have fruit & a grain. Grains like whole wheat crackers, nilla wafers, teddy grahams (which are actually pretty healthy!!), goldfish, & lately he LOVES pretzels!

So, anyway for dinner this week we have...
Monday- Cheese Ravioli in marinara & mixed baby califonia veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, & carrots)
Tuesday- Taco Salad
Wednesday- Out to Eat at the Melting Pot to celebrate Corey's success at work!!!
Thursday- Baked Crispy Chicken, smashed potatoes, broccoli
Friday- Vegetarian Lasagna (ricotta & spinach)
Saturday- Leftovers
Sunday-BLTs & homemade tomato soup

I'm really looking forward to the lasagna, it's been awhile since we've had it!
Also, wanna hear some good news? I convinced Corey, my dear husband, to learn how to cook, so he can make dinner one night, every other week. lol. I know some of you are blessed with husbands who cook, but mine is scared & this is a big step for us. Usually I cook or we go out to eat! haha. I never really mind, but I think this will be good for him/us. He'll gain confidence in his abilities, we'll save money not going out to eat just because I'm too tired to cook (we are having another baby!!), & I wont have all the pressure on me. I'll let you know soon what he plans on learning next week!!

13 July 2010

Long time... Will Update

Hey Everyone!

It's been awhile since I've blogged & even longer since I've blogged about something relevant!

So first I'll update ya on Will...

16.5 month old

Things have been pretty full lately. We are on a pretty good schedule during the week, sometimes it's too much the same for ME, but it works.

Eating- Will has finally slowed down on the eating front. I've been reading since he was 1 that his appetite will decrease. I have to admit, even though I knew it was normal & what to do, I still freaked out a little. I almost started letting him snack a lot. I snapped out of it before the day was over. hehe. He still gets all of his nutrients because there is always something in each food group he'll eat. I offer a wide variety still & sometime he surprises me. The other day he ate carrots (something he hasn't ate in months) because Corey used chopsticks to feed them. He really ate 8 carrot coins!!
He is really good at using his fork now (we have these mini-metal ones), so we are moving on to regular cups. We were starting off with little bits of water at one meal a day (lunch), but I gave him some of my soda (i know, evil mom) & he was more successful. Was it because it was brown so he could see it, or because he really wanted it! haha. We aren't switching over to soda though. He doesn't like the cold water spilling on him, so I think he will get it.
Another big change on the eating front... he's in a booster now! Bye Bye highchair!

Playing- We are moving to room time! He's been having alone time in a pack-n-play since he was 8 months old, but recently he was really protesting it. So move on we must! So far I've stayed in there with him for 20 minutes at a time, to make sure he can't hurt himself & to ease him into it. Soon I'll be leaving him for longer periods of time & then start extending the amount of time he is in there. I'm aiming for about 45mins.
We have been out of the house a lot more, mostly because we try to go to the pool every afternoon. Sometimes it's stormy or I have errands I have to run during that time, but I much prefer the pool. It's so hot & muggy here it's almost his only outdoor time. blah.

Sleeping- Things are great here. He is still taking two naps (totalling 2-3 hours) & sleeping for 11-12 hours at night. I really thought with how he napped the first year of his life that he would drop the morning nap a LONG time ago, but he doesn't seem anywhere near ready still. C'est la vie! I'm not in a rush, although I see the benefits of a free morning. Maybe it's because I know with Sophia coming soon that I'll be limited again. Why get used to a freedom? haha.

Communication- Will still isn't saying very many clear words often, but he does say them sporadically. I feel like he's just a guy! Let's see the words he does say clearly enough for me to understand... hi, dadda, maa (mom), okay, no, yea, dg, talk, peese (please), aa dun (all done), & that's all I can think of. Actually, that's not bad & way better than a month ago. He does jabber a lot & uses signs (all done, outside, more, please, sorry, up, diaper, & bye).
He understands a lot & is very helpful around the house! He throws away his own diapers (that will be changing because we are switching to cloth diapers), he puts his bowl & cups in the sink, he is obsessed with swiffering (I've taken two of the metal poles out so it's his size), he cleans his spot on the table, his hands, & his seat with a rag, he brushes Molly (if she wants him to or not)... he just does a lot & I'm pretty amazed by him!

Fits- He's there! He has been building up from mini-fits that were so cute I had to hide my face so he wouldn't see me laugh/smile. Now he gets frustrated & it's totally understandable to me why he gets frustrated, but that doesn't mean I give in.

Discipline- Will has been throwing things like crazy. It's frustrating for me, because I'm already so tired from being pregnant! I will admit I need to be more consistent & I think I have chosen my guidance/discipline technique I will be sticking with. So yaye for that! I think a lot of the throwing could be solved if we could go out in the morning & get some energy out, BUT like I said it's really too hot/muggy for that. So he's in the house until 3pm way too long for a toddler boy! I'll have to figure something out.

7:30 (give or take 15 minutes)- wake, cuddle with mom, & a little bit of tv time
8:00- breakfast
8:30- maybe more tv time, free play/helping mom clean
9:00- independent playtime
9:30- brush teeth, read with mom
9:45-10:00 Nap #1
11:00-11:30 wake, lunch, free play
12:00 Daddy's break so play with dad,
12:30 learning time (I'll blog about this some other time), climber time
1:00-1:30- Nap #2
2:30-3:00- wake, snack, pool time/errands
5:00- play with daddy while mommy makes dinner
6:00- dinner
6:30- walk/park/errands
7:30- bath time

Okay I'm too tired to update more... I'll update about me, Corey & Sophia tomorrow! haha

24 May 2010

Begining Photography

I love photography and when I first got my digital camera I tried to become a photographer, but that dream faded with all the demands of life & the fear that I would never have enough money to be good enough (you know all the equipment). BUT recently I've had a few friends that are showcasing their photography & I wanna do it too! haha.

My sister-in-law, Kelly, is really good & after picking her brain a little this morning, I decided to just pick up my skirt & just start clicking! She recommended finding weekly assignments online to get me going.

I have a plain old point & shoot camera & the only photo programs I have on my computer are the ones that come with it! (Although Kelly has a way of getting me Photoshop, shhh).

My first assignment is to take 30 pictures of my favorite subject... can you guess who that is? Well, if you can't you're weird! I'll give myself until Wednesday to post them (so I can somewhat edit them!) I'll probably only post a few of the best.

I invite you to join me on any & all of the assignments I set. If you do, please comment me a link to your photos!

24 March 2010

Purse Dump

So... I have a normal size purse. It's not too big, definitely not to small (although... it's getting cramped). Corey teases me a lot that I have "everything" in my purse & some friends also tease. The other day after finding some crazy things in my purse I decided to dump my purse & see all what was in there!

I haven't dumped my purse since... well let's just say Will wasn't mobile. I've cleaned it here & there, but not a dump.

So as I dump, I'm going to let you all laugh at what was all in there.

*2 pens
*toy fire truck
*grocery list
*2 bracelets
*Will's shot record card
*loose puffs (toddler snack)
*ear plug (just one)
*mirror compact
*little Swiss army knife
*Lysol sanitizing spray
*digital camera (case & adapter too)
*Metoclopram (anti nausea medicine)
*prenatal record (a little card that tracks important things in case)
*Ultrasound pics
*2 appt cards
*Purell hand sanitizer
*nail polish
*2 things of dental floss (I thought I ran out of one!)
*granola bar
*candy wrappers
*hand lotion
*peppermint candies (for nausea)
*Tootsie Pop (gift from tax man for Will, c'mon 1year old cant have lolli's!)
*extra memory card for camera
*lip gloss
*military ID
*wallet (credit cards, reward cards, business cards, cash, change, receipts, stamps, ID, insur. cards)
*Will's spending money
*7 receipts
*fritos (I get low blood sugar & pressure, I need food!)
*check book
*WIC stuff
*EMS Key Spouse button
*58 cents in loose change
*some crumbs & dirt

Not too bad... right? Hey if I ever have to go to a shower & they do that What's in Your Purse game, I'll soooo win!

Thanks for letting me share with you, now share with me! What's in Your Purse?

12 March 2010

Busy Boy

WOW! I really have a toddler! He is busy busy busy! By the end of the day I thought to myself, I should have recorded everything he does in one day!!! So, I will try tomorrow. Emphasis on the TRY!
Cute things/ busy toddler things he did today:

*climbed in the cabinet
*used mommy's eyeshadow (I was tweezing my eyebrows, thinking he was playing with his bath toys...)
*tried to eat the camera
*perfected climbing up the climber
*washed his hands with a wipe at the restaurant! (I swear I'm not that much of a clean freak!!)
*washed the bathtub knobs
*gave Molly broccoli & chicken (naughty naughty)
*put away his legos by himself!
*brought mommy his shoes as we were getting ready to leave (okay, shoe, the other one only made it a few feet)
*fed mommy cheerios, egg, & broccoli
*climbed on the couch with lego box
*said "dog" clearly as he chased Molly all over the house!
*threw the big ball & went to get it several times
*closed all the open doors in the house
I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting, but it was such a full day. I love it! I officially have a toddler!!! haha. Now time for me to pass out on the couch from exhaustion because he just fell asleep!

10 March 2010

Will's First Birthday!

I'm going to keep this post simple. We had such a great time with a few friends and family. Of course we wished all of our family could've been there, but obviously that is hard with our life! Will loved his carrot cake. He got a lot of presents (thanks everybody)! He loved having other kids over & of course seeing Grampy & Uncle Brandon!

Grampy & his lil man

a ball from the Borgs, Blocks from Grampy & Brandon, an outfit & stunnaz from Jessica & Sawyer!

His carrot cake, the song, big bite, & ready for some milk!

After a long day he & daddy cuddled on the couch... that was my favorite part of the day!


Am I going completely crazy?! I think so!!! I cannot believe it has taken me THIS long to blog about our new to-be-baby! As a second child I promised I would try my best to record the memories of my second child. I remember growing up sad that my brother had a somewhat filled out baby book & I had NONE! The gaul of my parents! Then of course with the coming of the twins 8 years later, they we're special so they got a baby book too.
Now look at me 12 weeks pregnant with #2 & no blogging! Uh I'm horrible! lol. Okay so on to blogging about #2!

Yaye! I'm pregnant again! We were able to see little bean for the first time today! It is very, very active! Flipping around so much that the ultrasound technician had a hard time measuring lil Shipe-y.

I keep wanting to call #2 "him" & seeing babe made me all the more sure it is a boy. BUT if it is a girl, I would be SOOO excited!

I wont lie (I mean I've told most of you already), I was scared at first at the idea of having a girl, but it's spring and I am SO over it! Have you seen all those cute dresses?! Also, I had the idea that I was a really trying, whinny girl growing up & how could I possibly deal with that?! I have a few older friends that have somewhat tense relationships with their daughters that are their spitting images. Oh so worried I couldn't be a good enough mom to a girl! BUT then this awesome guy known as my dad told me I was "crazy" that I was "the best little girl" and I was "sweet and caring". Granted he's a guy & I'm a woman. Granted he is getting older & it's been a long time since I was little (20 years), so maybe his memory is getting fuzzy. LOL. Whatever it was, probably the praying to God to prepare my heart, I would be thrilled to have a girl.

...that said, I just think it's a boy. I would also be very happy to have 2 boys! FUN! ADVENTURE! BUGS! MUD! yes, I can do that!

Corey is really pulling for a girl. As it seems are most people.

So, now for the negatives... unfortunately, I've been really sick this time around. Although I am now starting to get more energy (I woke up at 6:45am, didn't nap, & I'm still up at 10:30pm!!), I'm still sick. With Wills I was sick in the am, either threw up (sorry if that's gross) or at a Jimmy Dean Sausage biscut, and was fine the rest of the day. Well, fine as far as nauseousness goes. THIS time, sick all day, nothing regularly helps & most things make it way worse! Because of this aversion to almost everything (paticularly large amounts of liquids) I have been struggling with major dehydration & weakness from not eating enough. I think the last few weeks I've been struggling with low blood pressure, I for sure did today. It is getting better in all honesty... so hopefully any day now I'll be totally cured!

Now the part you've been waiting for, PICTURES!

04 March 2010

I have a 1 year old!!!

It's crazy, my lil man is 1! He's a toddler! I love it.

He is officially OFF the bottle! wahoo! He's still adjusting in the morning. He is doing way better than I feared. He ended up tolerating milk perfectly fine & loves it. He does like to keep his milk throughout the day & I was letting him because I wanted him to get enough milk, but we replaced it with water & he likes that too.

He walked down the street today. Such a big boy! He is now bending his knees when he walks so he's not toddling as much, but still lots of falls, bumping into things, & toddling. I expect that for a long time, no rush. He also walked all around the dog park, chasing Reese, our friend's dog (a little jack russel-pug mix). He sure loves dogs!

I decided to wait on potty training. I am just so tired from a regular day & there is a lot of change going on for him. I plan on starting up once the energy returns (soon, please God!!!). Also, I need to get Corey more comfortable with taking him to the potty. Another reason we are putting it off... since we've changed his eating & drinking habits his normal times for peeing and pooping has changed & I would like to wait until it is more predictable again. He did pee twice before we stopped & he was getting more used to sitting... is it bad that I am putting it off for mostly selfish reasons?

Pregnancy is going well, well... well enough. haha. I had been nauseated a lot, but this past weekend I picked up a yucky cold that is still with me. At first, it somehow kept me from feeling nauseated which was a welcome relief, even though my head was SO stuffy. NOW however, it is making it worse!!! I guess the congestion moved more to a postnasal drip & is making me cough a lot more. If I cough too heavy = throwing up. YUCK! I'm definitely getting an IUD as soon as this baby comes out!! lol. I go to see the OB & get the 1st ultrasound next wednesday! I cannot wait!!! I can't wait to see the little bugger & to make sure it isn't twins! I keep having nightmares! Okay okay, technically they aren't nightmares except for the fact that I have twins in them! lol.

Great news on the Corey job front (!!!) he is going to day shift!!! Normal work hours!!! Bummer I wont be able to sleep in during the week, but I guess that is just me being spoiled. It'll be so nice to have him home in the evening!

okay that's all the blabbering I have for for today. Cor is home & I am so in need of a cuddle! lol

19 February 2010

Before Bathtime Video

Will LOVES baths! He also LOVES being naked! His best buddy is his Daddy! They have lots of fun together!

Approaching 1...

So here we are, about a week away from Will's first birthday! I cannot believe it!!! I am so excited for my little boy! He is walking so much & with that exploring EVERYTHING!

He loves...
*walking, everywhere as much as he can
*balls, & with that...
*throwing (he was throwing everything & now I'm trying to teach him that he "can throw balls, that's it")
*climbing, he pushed a container to the couch & used it to climb up the couch
*dad & mom, he's starting to become apprehensive of strangers or even people he knows when he first sees them.
*stacking cups, endless minutes of entertainment
*the laptop... yeah that's a "No", haha
*eating regular food, especially feeding himself.

he hates...
*not having his paci, we are trying to wean from it, so far he can only have it during his witching hour (6pm) & out in public if he gets fussy.

He doesn't really hate things I guess. He has been a little more fussy, but that's because he is now officially in the stage of wanting things he can't have, or wants to do things he can't.

He is so fun! He has been a lot more cuddly. He's more aware of what a stranger is & is apprehensive of even my friends who he sees often, until he warms up.

Everything is going pretty well. He just recently got over a yucky virus, which was aggravated by some teething. He now has 8 teeth, 4 on the top & 4 on the bottom. That bottom one is still making it's way all the way up, which I think is still causing pain. We all know that means a harder time with naps & bedtime. C'est la vie.

Will is pretty obedient, but of course that is something that will be worked on over his whole life! He tries to listen, except when something is just THAT interesting.

He hasn't said very many words, Momma & Dadda of course. The other words are "sounds likes" but he's trying.

He's eating well. Figuring out how to really use those teeth. I'm trying to be inventive about the foods to serve him. Corey & I are eating more veggies now that we have to make them for Will! hehe. Soon it'll be time to drop his bottle! We are starting with switching the formula to milk slowly & then we'll slowly drop the bottle. I'm worried that he'll have a problem with milk (like lactose intolerance), since he is on Alimentum (milk proteins are broken down), but I guess we'll have to cross that bridge when we get there.

He's such a great kid & wish all of you could know him like we do!
Here he is exploring...
Picking up Daddy's habits...
His first snow, sadly he was getting sick, so he did NOT like it