19 February 2010

Before Bathtime Video

Will LOVES baths! He also LOVES being naked! His best buddy is his Daddy! They have lots of fun together!

Approaching 1...

So here we are, about a week away from Will's first birthday! I cannot believe it!!! I am so excited for my little boy! He is walking so much & with that exploring EVERYTHING!

He loves...
*walking, everywhere as much as he can
*balls, & with that...
*throwing (he was throwing everything & now I'm trying to teach him that he "can throw balls, that's it")
*climbing, he pushed a container to the couch & used it to climb up the couch
*dad & mom, he's starting to become apprehensive of strangers or even people he knows when he first sees them.
*stacking cups, endless minutes of entertainment
*the laptop... yeah that's a "No", haha
*eating regular food, especially feeding himself.

he hates...
*not having his paci, we are trying to wean from it, so far he can only have it during his witching hour (6pm) & out in public if he gets fussy.

He doesn't really hate things I guess. He has been a little more fussy, but that's because he is now officially in the stage of wanting things he can't have, or wants to do things he can't.

He is so fun! He has been a lot more cuddly. He's more aware of what a stranger is & is apprehensive of even my friends who he sees often, until he warms up.

Everything is going pretty well. He just recently got over a yucky virus, which was aggravated by some teething. He now has 8 teeth, 4 on the top & 4 on the bottom. That bottom one is still making it's way all the way up, which I think is still causing pain. We all know that means a harder time with naps & bedtime. C'est la vie.

Will is pretty obedient, but of course that is something that will be worked on over his whole life! He tries to listen, except when something is just THAT interesting.

He hasn't said very many words, Momma & Dadda of course. The other words are "sounds likes" but he's trying.

He's eating well. Figuring out how to really use those teeth. I'm trying to be inventive about the foods to serve him. Corey & I are eating more veggies now that we have to make them for Will! hehe. Soon it'll be time to drop his bottle! We are starting with switching the formula to milk slowly & then we'll slowly drop the bottle. I'm worried that he'll have a problem with milk (like lactose intolerance), since he is on Alimentum (milk proteins are broken down), but I guess we'll have to cross that bridge when we get there.

He's such a great kid & wish all of you could know him like we do!
Here he is exploring...
Picking up Daddy's habits...
His first snow, sadly he was getting sick, so he did NOT like it