28 November 2009

Oh Blog...

Oh Blog how I've missed you!

I know I have been horrible about updating you for my friends & family. What with the mobile pre-toddler, the outside-of-home volunteering, the whole running a house business, and trying to do extra things like have me-time or leading women's bible study, I haven't had time to update you. I haven't even uploaded any pictures from November (or the rest of October for that matter) onto my laptop.

Now it is the holiday season & things are REALLY picking up speed. I LOVE the holidays, but there is that teeny part of me that looks forward to that plain, boring, empty month of January. With all its coldness, that makes you stay indoors as much as humanely possible.

Alas, here are some of the things I hope to accomplish in the next month... or so. I must let any readers know that this list is more for me (to take this list OFF repeat in my head), but thought you might giggle at my ambitiousness... craziness... good ideas... and whatever it is that comes out.

In no particular order (yet):
*make picture flashcards for Will of all the people he should love in my life (family & friends)
*bake several different types of cookies for CLOSE friends & family (close in relational sense, not geographical)
*go to Trinity's wedding (FUN & actually gets me out of several other things, wahoo)
*make Corey a non-nag-y list of reminders of Will's schedule (YES, I cannot take Will with me to Cali... my heart drops every time I say it... avoid topic at all costs)
*Buy Christmas presents (yeah, it looks so unassuming taking up only one asterisk!)
*decorate house in Christmas getup (including my first ever hanging lights outside!)
*finish making Christmas cards & (very important this year...) mail them.
*make the Shipe Gingerbread house!
*mail goodies & gifts
*get through my whole list of deep cleaning tasks for the month (1-a-day)
*finish Gilmore Girls (I'm on season 6)
*Help with MXG Kids Christmas Party (I'm the official face painter forever, fine by me)
*Help with the EMS Squadron Christmas Party
*Cookie Exchange with MOPS
*Have the pre-Christmas Boeckh-Shipe Christmas (yaye)
*Figure something romantic for the anniversary (4 years wahoo)
*Take LOTS of pictures
*finish paintings with Faith (that's a "January")
*finish covering the garden beds (really it's not fall anymore... eek)

Okay, my brain hurts. That's all you're getting out of me. I'm tired... want bed... waaaa!

I WILL get on here & give you info on Will... maybe while I'm in Cali w/o my life (aka Will). Sadness overcomes, cannot win.

ta ta