30 June 2011

Obsessions & Over it

Hey Everybody!

It's been a really long time since I've updated you, right?! That's Wills & Sophie up there. Just hanging out one day. We had a music fest & then I started taking pictures. Well, Will found his camera (from a happy meal from JBX) & started taking pictures too! CUTE!

I'm going to mix things up this time & talk about our new obsessions & thing we like to call "over it"s.
obsessed with- Minecraft, an internet game with basic BASIC graphics where he is focused on building his island (as in a game with NO ending!!!) I will get back at Iosif & Brett for introducing him to this...
over it- XBOX (until he resolves his minecraft obsession), cloth diapering, his Celica (it needs to be fixed, but he's so not on the ball about it).
ME (aka Theresa),
obsessed with- Sewing, Hulu+, running! (right? how could that EVER happen?!!) if only things didn't always get in the way! (i.e. Corey stealing my car for work, childcare being closed at the gym, volunteer commitments)
over it- cable TV, cooking & laundry (well sometimes), trying to do it all (kinda), Sumter, SC.
obsessed with- hugging & other ways of unknowingly torturing his sister (in a cute, sweet way), water, his Little Einsteins rocket ship (from the cartoon), toy story, hitting & throwing (yeah, that's fun)
over it- unknowingly torturing Molly, TV, juice (not that he needs it), his diaper! (do I smell potty learning coming our way?), making a big stink when going to bed (he was out of whack from vacay).
obsessed with- EVERYTHING in her mouth! EVERYTHING (will was not this mouthy), growing up (?! geez!), scrunching her nose, pulling up on mommy to stand!
over it- being left alone (we are working on that with "alone time" in the pack-n-play, she's up to 15mins.), getting her nose wiped (she must have allergies, hopefully not to Molly), baby food (LOVES our food).
obsessed with- toys! (she's actually playing with toys!), going outside & coming right back in after chasing the squirrels, scratching at the baby gates when we accidentally leave her up or downstairs.
over it- nothing... she's a pretty resilient doggy, maybe over it being so stinkin' hot that she only gets a short walk?

Well, now you know! HA! I'm off to shop online for cute fabric, I have a big long list of projects I want to do, starting with fixing the cloth diapers!
Have a fun day!