30 June 2008


It happened! I am officially knocked up! wahoo! We are so very excited. This is such a huge blessing from God, he was faithful to keep encouraging us and giving us faith and trust in Him. I am so thankful that God has bestowed this blessing on us. AHHHH! I can't even explain how exciting this is.
I took the home test on Friday and today we took the blood test at the hospital. In a few weeks I go to the hospital for a sort of orientation (basically they tell us how to be healthy and all that), there I get more blood work done, find out more precisely when my due date will be (as the internet calculator told me the estimated due date in March 6, 2009), and schedule my first docotor appointment.
I think I'm on my 5th week and the baby is the size of a poppy seed. Although it is very small, I'm already feeling tired in the afternoons. Luckily my life affords me time to nap, but I still feel pretty unproductive if I have things to do and just take a nap. I'm trying to remember that my body needs the rest.
I'm trying to make sure I eat all my fruits and veggies everyday. I'm going to a farmer's market tomorrow, yum! I have been jogging lately, so I am going to keep up with that. I really want to have a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy. I'm so excited.
So, I will totally keep everyone up to date through here and myspace and I'm sure a LOT of phone calls, lol. Thank you so much for everyone who has prayed for us!

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