03 September 2008

A Quickie

Alright, so I told all my friends about my blog & then got complaints that I never update it. lol. Which is... well true. I guess it takes a backseat to myspace, facebook, packing & hanging with friends. BUT no more, well... I mean I'll make time for it.
I had my Cali baby shower, which was a blast, but I'm waiting for some pictures from the hostess, Hilarie, before blogging about it.
I said goodbye to my first friend the other day, Janet. It sucks, but I know I'll keep in touch with her & I'm moving closer to her family so I'll likely see her a few times a year. This move still does not seem real and it's about a week away. Then bye to everyone. At least until next summer-ish. (i'm saving more info on that for the baby shower blog, hehe)
I don't have any regrets about moving though, as hard as it will be I think this will be a growing experience for me & Corey.
Ok, well... I said this was going to be a quickie, so bye! I need to pack some more.

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