21 August 2010

Moving Day

It's here! Yaye for us getting to move into the bigger house before Miss. Sophia arrives! People keep commenting on me moving while 9 months pregnant, but it's way better than having a newborn & a toddler and moving. I am sick, so that part sucks!

This week, of course, flew by & didn't seem that hard actually. My least favorite part about moving is that some stuff has to wait until the last minute & it feels super chaotic. I HATE feeling disorganized!! Luckily, the Holy Spirit has grown in me a better sense of go-with-the-flow. Gotta love what God does to you through your kids! haha.

Aha, the guys are back to start the next load, so I guess my little break is over! hehe. I'll finish this up tonight.... or actually I guess in a few days (I forgot to schedule our cable & internet to switch over, oopsies).

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