29 October 2010

Newborn Summary Week 5

This a summary for Sophie's 5th week!

Her gas is definitely better. She burps very easily & when she doesn't it doesnt seem to be a problem. I think next week I am going to use the gas drops every other feeding & see how that goes.

Turns out Sophie is like me & Will, she has milk protein intolerance (or allergy, depending on who you ask). So she is on Enfamil Nutramigen. It's the Enfamil version of what Will had. It's expensive, so thankfully we are on WIC. Although I know eventually we will have to start paying for it out of pocket, so I'm on the lookout for coupons!
She is eating 3 1/2oz. every 3 hours, ending at 1030pm then we let her eat when she wakes. I have to wake her for most of her feedings still. It only takes her about 20 minutes to finish the bottle, with two or three burpings.

Waketimes are somewhere between 50-60 minutes, leaning more to 60. Sometimes there is still a waketime where she can only stay awake a short while after the feeding. If we go out for errands or something & she stays in her carseat, she will sleep the whole time (practically). During waketimes she is more alert and smiles (especially at Will).

I am still swaying with her until she's drowsy, mostly because I want to know she's tired since she doesn't show any signs of being tired until she is overtired. She goes down without crying 98% of the time, the other 2% I'll pick her right back up and sway a little more, then she goes down without crying. There have been a few naps she wakes early or at the 45minute mark, usually later in the day. I let her cry it out & she usually is fine with only a few minutes. At the nap from 8-1030, she has a tendency to fuss a lot on & off. I take this as her witching hour, because if I go in as soon as I pick her up she is quiet & sleeping. Not sure whats up with that! haha.

Sophie is still waking up once a night to eat. It used to be 3am, but now its anywhere between 2:20am and 3:30am. I can't lie & say Im not anxious for this to be gone. I know she still needs a night feeding, but she isn't very hungry at this feeding, so I hope it's not a waking out of habit. She also has started to wake up at 6am, but she is not hungry at all. As soon as I pick her up she quiets & closes her eyes, but she keeps waking up as soon as we put her down. We can't really let her cry it out, because at this time in the morning Will would wake up & not go back to bed. So we've decided to use the swing if she doesn't go back to bed after a few minutes. Will did this waking early too, but I remember his being even earlier, we did the same thing with the swing & then one day (around 8 months or so) he just snapped out of it. If they were hungry at this time I might consider making this our wake up time, but since they aren't Im going to sleep some more!
On a side note: I am always the one waking up in the middle of the night & it is really starting to wear on me! Corey doesn't do well at all with waking in the middle of the night, he would want to sleep all day, so I've just done it. I think I might ask him to do it tomorrow & just power through this one day. Not too much to ask, right?

There were a few outings this week, but FAR less than previously. We went to the pumpkin patch & dinner at a friend's Saturday. She slept the whole time at the pumpkin patch. At the friend's dinner she had her normal waketime & slept well in her carseat & my arms for her naps. Sunday we went to a kids museum & she slept in the sling almost the whole time. BUT suprisingly when she sleeps right after eating while we're out it doesnt make her more awake later in the day or anything. I think this is because she's still so young. We had a few appointments earlier in the week & went to MOPS on Thursday. This time at MOPS she actually stayed awake after I fed her for the whole waketime! Then as it was time to nap she happily fell asleep in my arms. Now if I could transfer her to the carseat. haha. I don't think I'll use the nursery at all, maybe when she's 6 months old, or at earliest after flu season.

So, I wasn't this way with Will, maybe because it wasn't flu season when he was born or because I was focused on other things with his development, but I do not want Sophie to get sick. I feel like she was born sick with a cold. I dont like a lot of people to hold her & I freak out at the thought of her in nursery. Will was really sick a week ago & I made sure he kept his distance as much as he could & I washed my hands as much as I could. She didnt get it thankfully. I would worry that Im too concerned with her not getting sick, but it's flu season & if my overprotectiveness keeps her without flu or colds, it works for me. I'll  be better once she's older.

That's it! Look forward to toddler summary of Will!!!

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  1. I loved hearing about 'lil miss Sophia. I really hope I get to meet her someday. Sam and I were just talking about how we need to make a trip to see you guys, for real this time :) oh, and you can never be too overprotective. Take it from me, I'm a germ-a-phobe extraordinaire.