29 January 2011

Really Ikea?!

So, I'm reading this lady's blog & she mentions she got an easel from Ikea for cheap. I've been searching for a cheap easel. I log on to their Ikea.com & now I hate them. I love them and I hate them. Reasons why I love them: they had that cheap easel ($20), it was made of wood, they had other stuff that I wanted, it's all created/decorated to inspire kids imagination, the adult furniture is pretty! Reasons I hate them: I want everything!
I am trying really hard to lessen my desire for things. Really trying. I know that things don't bring happiness. I really truely know that & believe it whole-heartedly. But I guess I don't. I want to provide my kids with the things one would fine in a good preschool (not all of them, but the gist of each center). I want my home to be organized & look clean. I want art. I know there are other ways to go about this & I do try to make things at home & with what I've already got. Im sad with myself. Im sad that I keep wanting. I am happy, I love my life, so whats up with this desire for things...? Do you think it's within reason? Do you think I'm just bored? lol.
I think it would be okay for me to eventually buy the easel, but it sucks that there is always something else i will want. When is enough enough?!


  1. You're telling me! I read that blog too and I want an easel now. Living here has really shown me what I can live without. We have to order everything through the mail. Everything!

    I think a $20 easel is within reason. It's not like it's a DVD that they watch. It's something that will promote so many good things.

  2. I love that you are trying to fight the urge for materialistic stuff. It's so hard when everything is so shiny and pretty. I get like that too. Things that I would love- a cozy cottage with books piled everywhere. Hardly any furniture, just art on the walls, fresh flowers, candles, and a big cozy chair to read in... the easel sounds good. It's not a waste like so many other things, ya know? I love you.

  3. thanks ladies,
    oh & it's only $15!!!