06 July 2011

Our first TDY

This morning Corey left for TDY for about a month to Alaska. I'm a little jealous, because I'd like to see Alaska, especially this time of year.
So, this will be the longest Corey and I have ever been apart since before we were dating. Weird right? We have been blessed to never had to go through a deployment or a remote tour.
This is also his first TDY since we've had Will.
I know one month is nothing for most military wives, but it is something for me. I know I will be fine, especially if I lean on the Lord during the trying times! It's just something different for us. I imagine the hardest part will be when I can sense the kids missing him. That or the monotony of doing the same basic things day in & day out.
Well, he's my best friend & I love him. Please remember us in your prayers if you don't mind (it never hurts to have extra prayers). Today was a great day, I felt God with me the whole day (even though we just started), I have a feeling he will be here with me the whole time. He's awesome like that!

1 comment:

  1. Praying for you mama. You are so strong and wonderful and the time is going to fly by! I'm a tad bit jelly myself. LOL. I'd LOVE to go to Alaska! Text me or call me whenever you feel any grr moments. Love you so.