14 February 2013

28 weeks! How Did I Get Here?!

I'm really 28 weeks along in this pregnancy!! I would be further along too, if they didn't keep changing my due date! Tomorrow I'm 29 weeks. I seriously only have 10 more weeks. That may not sound soon to you, but I have a lot I need to get done in the meantime. Not really, I guess. I just have a feeling the rest of this time is going to fly by.
Lately, a question has been running through my head over & over, "How well will I adjust to having 3 kids?". I know God will be there for me & give me strength. I am thankful Corey will have 10 days paternity leave (wahoo). I just keep thinking about it (& giving it to God whenever the answer in my head is a stressed response, lol). When I had Will I was in a similar situation of not having a lot of friends or even acquaintances & being relatively new to the area. However, Im hoping because this is my third child, because I'm already getting connected, & because I'm older/wiser (?) that it wont be as hard this time. Sophia was easy peasy! She was a sleepy baby, my mom was visiting when she was born & helped a lot with Will, I had so many friends to encourage me & who cooked meals for us, it was easy. Ultimately, I know we will not only get through it, but thrive. If it is an easy transition, then sweet! If it is a hard transition, then at least I will grow & be refined through that trial, right?! RIGHT?!
After all that rambling, let me just say I am SOOOO excited to meet this little guy! I'm excited to see how he's going to fit into our family! I'm really excited to kiss & cuddle him!!

Today nesting instincts hit! I tackled some clearing out of the nursery (even though there is a lot more to do), I went through the final boxes left from the move, & straightened up several areas in the house that needed it. Now we have to move a couple big pieces of furniture, recycle boxes, & packing paper. I will be beyond joyful when there are no more moving boxes in my house!

BTW, Happy Valentine's Day! I love any excuse to give gifts to my loved ones, so I went a little big (is that possible?) for Wills & Phia. I got them a little bit of candy (& even let them eat it first thing in the morning! Yes, I'm THAT mom, who cares), these cute stuffed bear PEZ dispensers, cards with little crafts inside, & these awesome balloons. Will had been eyeing the balloons since the BX started displaying them & he was thrilled when he saw his! It makes it so worth it! His was Winnie the Pooh & Sophia's was a Love Bug. I didn't take any pictures, because I'm lame & wanted to just enjoy the moment. ;)
Well, I better go make dinner & vacuum downstairs, we have new friends coming for dinner tomorrow! Hope you enjoyed my random ramblings!! Oh & I know you all want more pictures of the kiddies, so here you go! 
This is from last month, but my little boy is a ham! He just walked up to me like this & requested a picture be taken.
This little girl, quietly got into Mommy's make-up & accidentally broke most of it. This picture, by the way, was taken by William! Can a Momma get a nap without the kids wrecking the place please?! HAHA

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  1. I love you and I love reading about your haps. Wish I was there to help you prepare for baby #3. Lots of love!
    Um, when did Sophie become a teenager? ;)