24 January 2009

I can't wait

I can't wait for my little man to be born.
I can't wait to get to my prepregancy size (or smaller)
I can't wait to feel sexy again
I can't wait to have an hourglass curve again!
I can't wait to be able to sit without my ribs hurting.
I can't wait to see his little face!
I can't wait to see Corey hold him.
I can't wait to run again.
I can't wait to jump into the hot tub (like an extremely hot, hottub).
I can't wait to not sweat in the middle of the night (even though the heater is practically off, I still sweat!!).
I can't wait to sleep on my tummy.
I can't wait to try this breastfeeding thing.
I can't wait...

What about you?


  1. It's unbearable isn't it. He'll come when he's ready, or when the docs say so. You're going to be so great!!!! Patience, patience, patience. With Corey and with Will. It's so hard to have, but you need it with kids. I'm still learning. Just love that little boy no matter how many times he wakes you up. After all it's more time you get to hold him. Sleep when he sleeps. Just love him. Babies are such a miracle. You and Corey will be great parents.

    I can't wait either!! I'm awaiting the phone call/text

  2. I remember all of those feelings before my first one arrived. Such a great day! Now my oldest is 7 and she has a 6 year old brother and a 3 year old sister. Never a dull moment around here anymore. Enjoy the quiet while you can because it is about to end - but it is a lot of fun!