02 May 2009

Video bummer

So, I realized I never posted any video footage of dear sweet Will. Today I filmed some of his cooing, smiling, & batting the fishies. I was so excited to share it with you all, but I had to wait for Cor to get home to show me how to put it on the computer.

Well... I can't. I guess we have to wait for the little dvd to be finished. How stupid. It's a really long dvd & then the begining stuff would be outdated by the time I filled it up! Maybe there is some sort of connector I can buy... Corey says nope. grr...

oh I know, I will just have to film him on my digital camera & figure out how to upload that! Wahoo. He's asleep now, so I'll film him tomorrow.

Oh you guys are going to LOVE him! He's flippin' cute!

1 comment:

  1. There is something called a Flip Video and it is amazing!!!! It is meant to take quick little videos and it holds up to 60 minutes. You can download them easily and delete what you want as you go. The best thing...it is the size of a cell phone so it fits easily in your purse at all times!!!!! It is about $130, but well worth it!