08 August 2009

Making Babyfood

So I FINALLY found organic produce! Sure, I had to drive over an hour to get it (& it was not local, I miss CA). I bought a whole bunch, came home & started going to town. Well... on the carrots & green beans at least. It was FUN!

Today I took them out of the ice cube trays. I dont like the blue trays I have, but the white ones from Target are awesome ($2). Good news is, they all work. I have 2 ziplock bags of carrots (Will's to-die-for favorite)& one of green beans. Also today, was Will's first taste of these homemade concoctions. Obviously more fresh tasting he was a little aback at the green beans, but ate a ton of both. score!

So, I'll really have to calculate how much (including gas) it costs to make babyfood compared to buying organic babyfood from the store to see if I'll do it again. It's around $10 a week for store food (as of now), not including cereal. That doesn't sound too bad... I spend $25 at the organic store & didnt get the green beans there & they didnt have a variety...

Now if I lived in CA I'm sure this would work out so much better... wahn wahn wahn.

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