07 August 2009

Pictures & a Video

So, my Will is growing up.
He sits up by himself (mostly)
He always plays with his toesies
He is always reaching for our food & drinks
He turns to look for me when I call him
He looks around when I ask "where's daddy?"
He watches me when I leave the room
He rolls all around the living room (this actually started today, before he knew how, but didn't care to)
He rolls around when daddy is trying to change his poopy diaper (haha)

Just Mr. Big Boy now, I guess. Whatev! haha jk


  1. Wow! He's so big now! He is such a cute baby and he looks so happy. Sam and I are dealing with a very cranky Samantha who NEVER likes to sleep.

  2. Um, so can I have him now? Please!