25 December 2009

Jesus' Birthday 2009

We had so much fun this year & I really understand how Christmas becomes all about the kids when you have them!

We started the day by celebrating Jesus' Birthday with cinnamon rolls & then we opened presents! We took a nap & then started on dinner. Grampy (my dad), Brandon, Katie, Michael, Veronica & Andrew came over. We hung out & had a big Christmas Feast of ham (my first ham!), greenbean casserole, rolls, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, & stuffing. Corey & I had Pinot Noir from the Biltmore (very good). Dessert was brownies made by Veronica! We hung out a little more. After the fam left the Dunham's (V & Andrew), Corey, & I played Guesstures. Then we put Will down for bed, the Dunham's left & Corey & I cuddled.

Here are the pictures (they are out of order)!
Will walking to me!
Will loves books, these will get lots of love
(from aunt barbra, mom-mom & pop-pop)

thanking Grampy for his gift (activity center)
yaye for Socks! (aunt B, mom-mom & pop-pop)
Opening a gift from Tutu & Pa
(stacking cups)

More books he'll enjoy
he is amazed at this fish tank
Will's Birth Sampler from Anut Barbara
Corey's present (except I accidently grabbed the one for Mac's)
OoooOOOoo Catapillar
Me, Katie, Mike, & Brandon, YAYE!
I LOVE them soo much!
He was pointing at the bears on the paper, so cute, my lil genius! hehe

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