04 March 2010

I have a 1 year old!!!

It's crazy, my lil man is 1! He's a toddler! I love it.

He is officially OFF the bottle! wahoo! He's still adjusting in the morning. He is doing way better than I feared. He ended up tolerating milk perfectly fine & loves it. He does like to keep his milk throughout the day & I was letting him because I wanted him to get enough milk, but we replaced it with water & he likes that too.

He walked down the street today. Such a big boy! He is now bending his knees when he walks so he's not toddling as much, but still lots of falls, bumping into things, & toddling. I expect that for a long time, no rush. He also walked all around the dog park, chasing Reese, our friend's dog (a little jack russel-pug mix). He sure loves dogs!

I decided to wait on potty training. I am just so tired from a regular day & there is a lot of change going on for him. I plan on starting up once the energy returns (soon, please God!!!). Also, I need to get Corey more comfortable with taking him to the potty. Another reason we are putting it off... since we've changed his eating & drinking habits his normal times for peeing and pooping has changed & I would like to wait until it is more predictable again. He did pee twice before we stopped & he was getting more used to sitting... is it bad that I am putting it off for mostly selfish reasons?

Pregnancy is going well, well... well enough. haha. I had been nauseated a lot, but this past weekend I picked up a yucky cold that is still with me. At first, it somehow kept me from feeling nauseated which was a welcome relief, even though my head was SO stuffy. NOW however, it is making it worse!!! I guess the congestion moved more to a postnasal drip & is making me cough a lot more. If I cough too heavy = throwing up. YUCK! I'm definitely getting an IUD as soon as this baby comes out!! lol. I go to see the OB & get the 1st ultrasound next wednesday! I cannot wait!!! I can't wait to see the little bugger & to make sure it isn't twins! I keep having nightmares! Okay okay, technically they aren't nightmares except for the fact that I have twins in them! lol.

Great news on the Corey job front (!!!) he is going to day shift!!! Normal work hours!!! Bummer I wont be able to sleep in during the week, but I guess that is just me being spoiled. It'll be so nice to have him home in the evening!

okay that's all the blabbering I have for for today. Cor is home & I am so in need of a cuddle! lol

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