24 March 2010

Purse Dump

So... I have a normal size purse. It's not too big, definitely not to small (although... it's getting cramped). Corey teases me a lot that I have "everything" in my purse & some friends also tease. The other day after finding some crazy things in my purse I decided to dump my purse & see all what was in there!

I haven't dumped my purse since... well let's just say Will wasn't mobile. I've cleaned it here & there, but not a dump.

So as I dump, I'm going to let you all laugh at what was all in there.

*2 pens
*toy fire truck
*grocery list
*2 bracelets
*Will's shot record card
*loose puffs (toddler snack)
*ear plug (just one)
*mirror compact
*little Swiss army knife
*Lysol sanitizing spray
*digital camera (case & adapter too)
*Metoclopram (anti nausea medicine)
*prenatal record (a little card that tracks important things in case)
*Ultrasound pics
*2 appt cards
*Purell hand sanitizer
*nail polish
*2 things of dental floss (I thought I ran out of one!)
*granola bar
*candy wrappers
*hand lotion
*peppermint candies (for nausea)
*Tootsie Pop (gift from tax man for Will, c'mon 1year old cant have lolli's!)
*extra memory card for camera
*lip gloss
*military ID
*wallet (credit cards, reward cards, business cards, cash, change, receipts, stamps, ID, insur. cards)
*Will's spending money
*7 receipts
*fritos (I get low blood sugar & pressure, I need food!)
*check book
*WIC stuff
*EMS Key Spouse button
*58 cents in loose change
*some crumbs & dirt

Not too bad... right? Hey if I ever have to go to a shower & they do that What's in Your Purse game, I'll soooo win!

Thanks for letting me share with you, now share with me! What's in Your Purse?

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