24 May 2010

Begining Photography

I love photography and when I first got my digital camera I tried to become a photographer, but that dream faded with all the demands of life & the fear that I would never have enough money to be good enough (you know all the equipment). BUT recently I've had a few friends that are showcasing their photography & I wanna do it too! haha.

My sister-in-law, Kelly, is really good & after picking her brain a little this morning, I decided to just pick up my skirt & just start clicking! She recommended finding weekly assignments online to get me going.

I have a plain old point & shoot camera & the only photo programs I have on my computer are the ones that come with it! (Although Kelly has a way of getting me Photoshop, shhh).

My first assignment is to take 30 pictures of my favorite subject... can you guess who that is? Well, if you can't you're weird! I'll give myself until Wednesday to post them (so I can somewhat edit them!) I'll probably only post a few of the best.

I invite you to join me on any & all of the assignments I set. If you do, please comment me a link to your photos!

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