07 February 2011

Sickness is blah

I'm sick! Corey gave it to me AND the kids! My kids tend to sleep fine while sick, most of the time, so it's not too bad. We don't have the flu or anything god-awful like that. Pretty yucky colds though. With a bad cough. Corey was up all night with a cough. I hope that we (me, Soph, & Wills) get through it faster than Corey. He's had it about a week! I keep downing the water & pushing it on Will (tehehe I chase after him, "Here's some water honey") I've been working hard at keeping the house & myself sanitized. I have to wipe Will's nose every few minutes. The scary thought is what does he do at night with the snot? MEMO TO ME: change & wash Will's sheets more often!!
I am already starting to feel better, so I think the water is helping. I guess we aren't really that sick though, because we are still doing things around the house. I remember before we had kids it seemed the slightest cold would be reason enough to lie in bed all day watching the boob-tube or surfing the web. I guess once you have kids, and can't lie around all day, you figure might as well get something done!
That is all for now. I'm going to go curl up on the couch with a big mug of Sleepytime Tea & a book... or TV show... what?! Don't judge me!

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