10 December 2011

Potty Learning Saga

Wow. Really with the potty learning?! We started with Will in September. He did GREAT, at first. Slowly he has progressed to not pooping in the toilet at all. He will pee & is perfect with pee, but poop has not touched his potty in a long time.
I've been through a wide range of emotions over this. I knew the whole time I should stay calm & not make a big deal about misses, but I failed several times along the way! I decided a couple weeks ago to back off (with the stress in it) & see if that improved things. Maybe I need to just work on it longer, but so far it hasn't improved anything.
I know it's really not something you can push. They'll get it when the choose to. I guess I'm just stressed that I'm messing things up on my part. Either from my stressed out moments or from not giving him the thing he needs to encourage him to do it!
We started out with the bare bottom approach & that worked for awhile, but then it didn't. I've tried rewards, that worked for awhile, but now it only does sometimes & not for poop. I think I just need to get back to my original plan. The Montessori way. I am going to help him to be as independent in this process as I can. No pushing, inviting him to use the toilet at regular times. Maybe keep record of when he poops. I think I may even start having Sophie sit on the potty after meals & before nap/bed.
I know this is silly. I know he will eventually get it. I'm not really stressed about the cleaning up anymore, I've resigned myself to it. I really don't want him to feel bad, because i huff & puff about misses. He is a great, strong, competent boy & I know he'll get it soon. Just know if you are doing this, or about to, I'm here with you. I feel ya. I smell what you're steppin' in!

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