23 January 2013

12 Dates at Home for 2013

One of mine & Corey's favorite things to do is steal time away from our littles & have some one-on-one time. We LOVE dates! Even boring dates! We feel so refreshed after spending time together away from the littles. Now that we've moved across the Atlantic and are settling in we are looking for a trustworthy, teenage (cheap), babysitter. It's harder to find than you would think! So, in the meantime we've (or rather I) have come up with some Home Dates for after the kids go to bed. Hopefully, we can make them just as much fun as going out! I came up with 12 & we'll do one a month, or just start repeating. If you have any to share, PLEASE do!!
Without further ado...

12 Dates at Home with the Husband
1) Spa Night- full body massage(s), with candles & relaxation music, the works!
2) Spa Night- hands & feet massages, again with candles & relaxation music. Can you tell I love massages?
3) Man Movie Night- Corey gets to pick the movie, with our favorite movie theater snacks.
4) Chick Flick Night- Theresa gets to pick the movie (which will most likely NOT be a chick flick), again snacks! You've got to make it authentic/special!!
5) Fire Pit Night- light up the fire pit, bust out the smores, & cuddle, all while star-gazing.
6) Book Night- read aloud to each other, while cuddling & maybe foot rubs.
7) DIY Project Night- do something together around the house, most likely something fun like painting canvases
8) Video Game Night- This one is TOTALLY for Corey, he always wants me to play & I really dont like to.
9) Board/ Card Game Night- Settlers? War? Battleship? who knows, but we'll spice it up with cheese, crackers & wine!
10) Decadent Dessert by Candlelight- preferably a bakery ordered baked good, so I dont have to cook! ;)
11) Corey's Free Pick
12) Theresa's Free Pick

I hope this list might inspire you to try some special time with your love. Our date nights are Wednesdays... oh that's tonight... what to do, what to do? :)


  1. Great ideas.. Your list sure is inspiring. No reason not to have "date nights" our little miracle hasn't arrived yet, so we have time. LOL

  2. Love your list! Miss you! P.s. the girls are looking good! Lol

    1. JANET MOON! haha! I noticed that just now when I was showing Corey the blog. *blush*, it's a good dress...