06 May 2008

Here We Go

Here we go, Corey and I, well mostly I, decided that people ask God to cure cancer, then I can ask God flat out to make me pregnant. I was at bible study Sunday and I felt overwhelmed with the fact that I should pray everynight aloud with Corey for the next two weeks. About anything, but paticularly for a baby. I have been praying for God's will for a long time now, knowing that God knows my heart and has a plan for us. I wasn't praying everyday and it wasn't a delibrate, I'm going to pray everyday for this, it was whenever I was thinking about it.
I'm changing it. I will pray whenever I am thinking about it, but I am going to set aside time everynight to pray with Corey that God will bless us with a child, at least for the next two weeks. We can and have been praying about other things too.
It was great, I decided this Sunday Night and asked Corey if he would join me and he said of course. Well, Monday night we lost track of time and he ran off to work without us praying. I realized it after he left and decided I would stay up til 4am to pray with Him. Wouldn't you know it, God gave him the night off. He came back in a half hour and we prayed. It was awesome!

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