12 May 2008

I think it's a subconscious thing

So, I'm supposed to be taking birth control. I'm on my last month. Then when I get off, Corey and I are supposed to try every other day. Well, I'm not sure if it's going to work anymore, because I keep forgetting to take the stupid pill. I did it last month too. (although I did have a period last month, which is supposed to be the point) Hopefully I didn't screw it up. I think I subconsciously hate being on the pill and just want to get on the clomid. (well, maybe not so subconsciously, because I realize it) I guess I feel like, I was on birth control before and I didnt get pregnant when I got off, but then again, we didn't try every other day then. From what I remember it was a pretty low-sex month for us. Not that you want to know that. lol. I'm just going to keep praying about it and do what the doc says.

On a side note, I've made so many friends the last month. I feel so blessed. Well, I've met a few people and then I've developed better relationships with people I already knew. AND, Michelle, one of my best friends, is coming home this week! She's been in TX for school. I'm so glad to have my buddy back.

And one more thing. I've been more active lately. I've been learning more and more and now I really have a true desire to be a healthier person. I've been watching what I eat and I've been jogging almost everyday. The days I don't go jogging I'm doing other active things, like whitewater rafting and rock climbing. The biggest suprise is that I LOVE it. Working out used to be such a chore for me. I look forward to jogging and doing things. so much fun. okay better go shower, I'm all sweaty from jogging.

Here are some pictures of us whitewater rafting on one of my non-jogging days. (I would've went jogging, but we got back at 7:30 haha)

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  1. The White Water Rafting looked really fun. I'm so glad I'm coming home tomorrow :) See you tomorrow!