01 May 2008

The Quest

The Quest, is my husband and my quest to get pregnant. We've been married since December '05 and we've been off birth control since October '06. We weren't really trying until July '07. So, about October '07 is when we started to talk to a doctor about infertility. So far, we've ran several tests. The problem is I don't ovulate regularly. If I'm not on birth control then I have about 8 periods a year, maybe. You can imagine that when you are trying to get pregnant, having your period not coming really messes with your mind. I kept thinking I was pregnant.
Anyways, it was really hard to deal with it, but eventually I gave it up to God. I'm in a good spot, I trust God. It's still hard, sometimes it's really hard, but I have a great supportive husband, a friend that is especially supportive, and God.
Right now, I'm on birth control to jump start my body to ovulate. When I get off we are supposed to try every other day and hopefully get pregnant. If that doesn't work then we'll be trying a drug called Clomid.
I'm supposed to be on birth control for 3 months. I just finished my second month, but I think I might have to get off sooner. I haven't had my period and I was supposed to get it the day I got to the placebo pills. I have until Monday to start and then I need to call my doctor, because I may be pregnant or it simply isn't working to jumpstart my ovulation.
Obviously you know what I want the results to be. lol.
Well, that's what's going on. My dream for this blog is to go from being an infertility blog to being a pregnancy blog to being a baby blog/mommy blog.

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