27 December 2008

30 weeks!

30 weeks!

I cannot believe it! This trimester was supposed to go by the slowest, but it is flying by! We start childbirth preparedness class in Jan. We're hoping to make some friends through that. William's room is starting to come together. I have a friend coming up who is going to help me paint. There are a few things that we would like to have still (rug, dresser, etc.) but in due time, right?

William is still moving around like crazy. I have taken to talking to him. My favorite thing to do lately is just sit or lay and feel him move back and forth while I read or watch TV. Corey found a new trick, he takes a flash light and holds it to my belly to get William to move. lol.
So, I've got to bust myself out... I was a grouch. I was getting really caught up in the stresses of life & was totally not focusing on enjoying everyday. It was really getting me down & then there was that aha moment. I am so thankful for that aha moment & my Corey who was gentle in guiding me to it, instead of being a punk like I was being. lol. I was focusing on the negatives & stresses, instead of making the best of things & remembering how much we've accomplished. I'm a recovering perfectionist. I am so glad that God overcomes that. Perfectionism is so frustrating & tiring. It's nice to take my issues to God & have him really help me through prayer & reading the bible. Have you ever struggled with perfectionism?
Alright, I'm off to get some ice cream (you know, William is taking 150 mg of calcium from me EVERYDAY now, so I need to up my calcium intake & what a better way than with ice cream. My favorite is Breyer's All-Natural strawberry or mint. lol). Here are some pics from Christmas.

The Boeckh's

Corey & I decorate a Gingerbread house every year!

Corey opened Swing Kids Sountrack

Hideous picture, but I really wanted a little swiss army knife, so happy!

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