22 December 2008


We made it to GA to visit the Boeckh's (our 2nd family) for Christmas!!!
Okay, technically we have to leave here the 23rd, because Corey has to check-in with work on the 24th morning.
We've been here since Friday night. Yup, when Corey got off work we headed straight for Columbus, GA. It took us about 6 1/2 hours, with a really long dinner stop. lol. We suprised them. They knew we were coming sometime during the week, but since I couldn't get ahold of Abi Friday to finalize the plans we figured we'd just take the whole "come anytime you can, whenever you want" to heart. lol.

So, Friday we got here pretty late, but we stayed up & chatted with Abi & Shawn til 1am. (the kids were already asleep).

Saturday, Abi & I went shopping & we went to a white elephant gift party (they call it Dirty Santa in Alabama, lol). I love those kinds of parties. I ended up leaving with a griddle!! I've been wanting one forever & couldn't believe someone really brought one & Corey picked it! We also got a little asian inspired water sculpture. It'll go really nice on our dresser.

Yesterday, the guys & I did some last minute shopping. The kiddos & Abi went to see Peter Pan the play. Tristan tried to change his name to Shawn so he could go with me & Corey, but eventually he went as Tristan & had lots of fun. lol. Then after dinner we all made Muddy Buddies together. While Tristan was shaking his bag-o-powder sugar the force must have broken the seal & chocolate-peanut-butter chex & powder sugar went flying everywhere, lol. That would've been a great picture! lol.

I love being with the Boeckh's we always have so much fun & get along so easily. At this moment I have Skylar sitting behind me on the couch playing with my back & hugging me from behind & Tristan is on my right sitting as close as physically possible while playing Ninja Turtles on the Wii. LOL.

Everyone has been loving on William. Trying to feel him move, talking to him, giving him plenty of kisses, & all that stuff. He is going to be so loved & what a blessing from God that is.

I really can't wait til he's here. I want to play with him! I think about creating traditions with him & activities that we'll do (I know it'll actually be awhile before I can really do things with him, but still). Yesterday I saw a really cool toddler cookbook.

Okay, I'm rambling. I'm going to go, I think take the kids to get ice cream just the 3 (or 4, if Corey can get ready fast) of us, no parents! lol.
I'll post pictures tomorrow!

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