30 December 2008


So, I really wanted a dresser for William, but baby dressers are
a) expensive
b) too small for real clothes so they can't be used forever
c) did I mention expensive
d) we'd have to pay for delievery since we do not have a truck

BUT, our across the street neighbors are moving & guess what they had... a dresser they were giving away for free!! yaye!
It's pretty old fashioned, but ask me how much I care! That's right, none. I love DIY projects anyways, so I'm going to rent a sander (or buy, or borrow) & paint it, I'm thinking red.

Oh yeah, I decided William's room is going to be light blue, dark blue, green & red. If you can't see how great that'll be, it will don't worry, lol. Here is a picture of the toy shelf (that I'm using as an organizer for diapers & etc.) that really inspired me & made my color choices official.

& this dresser is the color I want to paint his dresser & actually, I think I'll paint his room the color on the bottom of the wall. We already have dark blue panels for the windows (that'll hopefully block the light during naptime) & get a dark blue lamp. I'm glad I finally have a direction!

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