30 April 2009

2 months old!

So, my little man is two months old!
He did his first really big cheesy smile today! It was so fun! I was fixing the blinds stepped down off the couch, turned around & was greeted by the biggest smile on the most handsome boy!
He is getting more control over his arms & legs. He has even started to bat & kick things! He can hold things for a little bit, except for the burp cloths, he ALWAYS pulls those off my shoulder when I burp him! haha.
He can lift his head pretty high & is working on those push ups. He does roll onto his side (from the back position).
I've been playing a game with him that gets him to laugh almost everytime (not when he's tired, haha). I call out his facial features (eyes, nose, cheeks, etc.) & use his hands to touch my face or my fingers to touch his & the last feature is always lips & then I yell "Kisses!" & kiss him! He squeals in delight! It's amazing! He also loves when we grumble/eat his belly.
He still really loves the mobile from his pack-n-play (thank you tutu, mamaw, & aunt mardee). Whenever I change him on it's changing table I have to let him lay there & watch it!
Let's see...
He is in LOVE with bathtime! He prefers when Dada is in charge of it though, because somehow Corey just does it better than me (ie. less tears from Will) haha.
We've been chilling in the backyard a lot more now that the weather is nice, so I'll have to take some pictures & put them up here too.

Okay, well I think that's a lot, so now the pictures!
almost the smile I got,
again almost the smile,
Oh yeah, that is a poopy-face!
Okay, so I put it in his hand, but he's holding it!
He totally has got it!
Grampy came to visit,
And he was done taking pictures & paparazzi Mom had to put down the camera!

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  1. I love all those pictures. I can't wait to see and hold him.... and see those tiny feet...cya soon...MOM S