24 March 2011

Dear Sophia, 6 months


I love you.
I don't really know who you are yet. You have been here for only six months, but oh how I love you.
You are beautiful.
You are laid back.
You enjoy spending time on your own.
You have the weirdest way of getting around, but I love it. Maybe it means you'll be creative. Even if you don't end up being creative, I'll still love it.
You are my daughter.
I love that you play with my hair.
That you always reach for any piece of jewelry I have on.
I don't want to say you're going to be a girly-girl, because really it doesn't matter.
Being a mom of a daughter is so special.
You make me more feminine. I don't really know how, or why, but you do.
I was taking off a necklace your father gave me when I thought that I would pass this down to you. It's not really what most would consider an heirloom quality necklace. I don't think I will ever own anything like that. But your dad loves me, I love him, & I would love to give that to you. I am so thankful I have you to give that to.
I look forward to all the ways that I will get to teach you (about love, God, the world, yourself).
I look forward to all the ways that I can encourage and support you.
I'm sure there will be bumps in the road (most notably in the teen years, right?), but I look forward to us.
I look forward to YOU.

I will try to always cherish the moment you are in. Live in the present. But my golly, sometimes I look onto your face & my heart does this thing & I am filled with love. Thank you for bringing that to me.

Love You,


  1. This is beautiful. I'm crying!

  2. Love the new photo and font! Can I use this font? How do I change it? Also- I freaking love you! This is such a sweet post. You make me want to be a mommy. You are such a splendid woman, T. Bless you, bless you, bless you!

  3. aww thanks ladies! It was super late at night, but I just had to write it!
    @Janet, you go to your dashboard (the main page), under your blog will be a "Design" tab, & on that page there will be a "template" something tab, on that page there will be an "advanced" tab & there you go, all the fonts & change colors. I forget what my font is, but Im sure you can find it, or something you like!