18 March 2011

The Splinter

I have a secret... splinters scare me. Not getting them, but getting them out. I've never been able to get splinters out. I think maybe once I got my own splinter out, maybe. Corey has come to me numerous times to get a splinter out, but he always has to do it. I actually get nervous when someone asks me to help them with their splinter, because I know I can't do it! Ha! (is the perfectionist in me coming out?). While this isn't something most people think about ever, I have to admit to on occasion wondering what the heck am I going to do when my kids get a splinter?! In my eyes getting the splinters out is totally a mom-job, filed under article 3 section 4: To fix "owies" and make everything better. Right? But I can't, I'll fail. Worse, I'll push it in further & make it really hard for Corey to get it out & make the child cry more!

This morning, it happened! Will was washing his hands & points to a splinter in his palm. No lie, a little panic goes off in me. If I'm honest with you & myself, I saw this yesterday, but I guess I was hoping that 1a) it was just a scab, or b) that is would go away on its own. Does that make me a bad mom?

Well, today it hit me in the face with my little expectant boy looking to me for help! I rubbed it with my nail hopping to figure out how to approach this sucker. I couldn't feel the opening at all **panic**. I gulp, I bust out the tweezers, praying that I don't make him cry, telling myself "you can do this". I feel the opening, I prod a little, I push a little, a little wiggle here, a little wiggle there & VOILA half of it is out! a little relief, a little confidence. A little more prodding & a little more pushing, mixed in with some poking (no crying on either of our parts).And VOILA! It's completely out!!
I did it?
I did it!
Will looks at me, points to the hole in his skin, smiles, & says "dank ooo". SMILES! Says "dank ooo"!

I AM his mommy! I did my job! I am the splinter killer! Victory! Mommy 1, Splinter 0!

He skips away happily, oblivious to our victory. I do a little happy dance (inside of course) knowing that I can do all of my job as a mommy, even the mundane tasks of splinter-get-er-out-er. I will be there for my little injury prone boy. Love it!

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  1. I am all teary and full of affectionate joy! Is it ridiculous that I just envisioned that entire scene including your little dance and it made me so happy? I love you so much, Theresa. I love how much you love your children and husband and friends (lucky me!) and I am so proud and encouraged by the mommy you have become. YOU CAN and YOU WILL do everything. You got the splinter. Yay!