19 April 2011

Sophia's Best Friend/ 7 month update

Sophie has a best friend, her thumb! I remove it during the day, unless she is in a stressful situation (like a big ol' brother accidentally bopped her upside the head). But she is so cute with it. She was laying in bed under her blanket when I went to wake her from her nap. Her arms were spread out. As I pulled the blanket off she jostled awake & her thumb reflexively went into her mouth super quick! lol. When she was coherent enough to see me she popped it out & gave me her big, beautiful, dimpled smile, along with some "I'm happy" kicky action! LOVE IT! LOVE HER!!

She's doing great! She is a very happy baby. She is also pretty content to play by herself. She is officially mobile! She gets around in the weirdest ways! She arches her back so her weight is on her feet & head & pushes herself around like that. She also has started rolling EVERYWHERE! Her newest thing is going into plank position (toes & arms, with body off the ground), which she sometimes transitions into downward dog. Yes my little girl has MAD abs, great strength, & is already into yoga! haha. I could take tips from her. She is also sitting up really well now! Not completely independent, but mostly.

Like I mentioned before she is happy. She is always smiling & I love it! There is nothing greater than entering a room (or someones eyesight) & seeing them light up with happiness!

She is on solids for 3 meals a day now. I make her baby food, except the oatmeal & whole wheat baby cereals. I am also substituting fruit in the jar with the stuff I make, because fruit is a lot more time consuming that veggies! We have introduced the straw cup & she took right to it, so we offer it once a day. She has started finger foods, but can only do the big things for now. Honestly, I love when they are off the bottle & when they can feed themselves, but I wont rush... too much.

She is still a heavenly sleeper. Sleeps from 7:30/8pm to 7:30/8am with 3-4 naps totaling about 5 hours during the day! She is getting over a virus so maybe she'll change her napping habits soon.

She and Will have started "playing" together. They really are playing next to each other & sometimes talk at each other. It's really nice to see. Will always looks for her. The other day just he & I went to the store & when we got in the car he freaked out that Sophie wasn't in her seat. Also a couple weeks ago, they held hands while we were driving! (I was so bummed that I packed my camera in the back!) But they keep doing it, so one day I will catch it! Sophie lights up when she sees Will. Will loves to hold her & is constantly trying to carry her around with him! haha

*thumb sucking
*mommy's jewelry (no joke she plays with my jewelry longer than ANY toy)
*daddy's tickles
*sitting up
*the wind

*loud, sudden noises

yeah, see I can't even come up with dislikes!!

well, Sophia, You are 7 months this week. I am so glad you are a part of our family. You bring such happiness & fun into our lives. You are so strong & pretty coordinated for your age! You impress me that way. I love cuddling with you. I love nuzzling your cheeks. Everyone compliments your cheeks! Thank you for lighting up when you see me. Thank you for playing with my hair, it makes me feel loved. I am so glad your brother has you & know that you have a good, strong, protective brother. Your daddy loves you so much, you are already his lil princess! You are so special. We love you,

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  1. Oh mylanta. I am so PMSing still and no fair cause this is making me cry! I love you so much. You're such a precious, loving mommy. And I'm simultaneously sad cause I am not watching your kids grow up. Wahhhhhh!