23 April 2011

How Fast Do You Eat?

How fast do you eat your meals? Are you slow, everyone is finished before you're half way through? Are you fast, always waiting for someone to finish?
Studies link the speed of your eating back to childhood & the way your family ate.
I was reading another blog that had this topic & asked people to comment which they were, if it was linked to their childhood & what not. I was somewhat surprised by the majority of fast eaters. I guess I shouldn't be. People gave such crazy reasons why they are either way.
One person blamed their fast eating on their kids. I have kids too, but that doesn't change how I eat. I like to take my time, taste my food, talk, talk, & talk some more, I still somehow manage to take care of my kids issues & even feed Sophie. Mealtime just takes longer now, because there are more things in between my bites.
One person said they eat fast so food stays the right temperature. I feel ya girl! I really do. I like my food to be served piping hot. It does suck when I get to the last few bites & it's starting to get cool. BUT whenever that happens it is because I'm having a wonderful conversation & enjoying life.
I don't think there is anything wrong with being a fast eater. I just am not one & I don't think I ever will be. Corey sped me up a little & I've slowed him down a bit. In his defense when I met him he still was under Basic Training's you-better-eat-fast-or-you-wont-fini... HA!
Breakfast: I usually have Will eat his breakfast while I feed Sophie, sometimes I eat with them too, but most of the time I wait until I put Sophie down for her 1st nap & I have a little "me time" with my breakfast & bible.
Lunch: I have Will eat his while I feed Sophie. When they are both down for their naps I eat my lunch (usually in front of the TV, but I portion control)
Dinner: We all eat dinner at the table together. Usually Corey feeds Sophie right before our dinner & she eats finger foods in the highchair while we eat (Sometimes he eats & feeds her). I take my time, we talk, watch Will (who usually gets down rather quickly & plays outside), & help whoever needs help. We linger. I usually linger longer.
In my ideal life each meal would be long, social, & good. I never really pay attention to how others are eating when we eat with others. Is that rude? I feel pressured when I realize I'm the last one eating, but I can't help but talk & take small bites & really enjoy my food.
Oh yea, & if we are out & the kids are out of control, I would rather pack up my food & eat it later, than try to shove it in.
My family ate some meals together (more in the earlier years of my life), some in front of the TV. I've always been a talker & a foodie so I think those things together make me slow. I'm the slowest one in all of my family (maybe except my aunt Mardee), but I wouldn't really say they eat fast, just not as slow as me. haha
How about you?

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