03 September 2011

Sensory Table Fillers

I have missed using the sensory table/sand & water table. So I'm going out to buy another one. (Ours broke this summer. It had been left out in the sun & apparently cracked easily when Corey stepped on it?) All I use is a clear Rubbermaid container. I think this time I will get the kind that roll under the bed (ie shallow) & maybe I can make some sort of stand so it W/S height!

So I've come up with a list (with the help of the web) of sensory table fillers! Hope you use 'em!

1) Rice
2) Fish tank gravel (clean first)
3) cornmeal
4) bubble solution (with things to make bubbles of course)
5) cotton balls (good one for S)
6) Clean mud (wet, soapy, toilet paper)
7) gelatin (you can buy packets in the baking aisle)
8) dirt/soil
9) shredded paper
10) hay
11) lids (different sizes, another good one for S)
12) poker chips (? where would i get these?!)
13) cut up sponges/sponge shapes
14) colored sand
15) ice cubes
16) leaves
17) shells (although I like the idea of this one in sand)
18) various size beads & buttons (large ones for S)
19) pebbles & rocks (W is LOVING rocks lately, so this is a MUST)
20) grass clippings
21) shaving cream
22) cut up yarn (I have a bunch leftover from my crocheting days)
23) fabric scraps (YES!!, don't have to throw away bits of my favorite fabric anymore!)
24) gel (not for me)
25) ooblek (cornstarch & water)
26) Styrofoam peanuts
27) bubble wrap
28) flour
29) flower petals
30) dried corn on the cob (not for S)
31) different colors of play dough
32) pompoms
33) strips of newspaper (have wipes handy for cleaning hands)
34) bird seed
35) macaroni (although I personally try to stay away from food items as much as I can. People can eat that!)
36) cocoa & flour together (mmm just got an idea for hot chocolate themed week)

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  1. Great ideas. You should be able to find poker chips at Walmart/Target, etc. Just look in the game aisle.