29 September 2011

It is all in His hands

One of the toughest parts about military life has hit us. Deployment.

I was waiting to write this post until I was on an up part of the deployment roller coaster. He's been gone for a little over a week & I feel like we are beginning our new normal. Although, I imagine that, like I said, it's a roller coaster. Times when you feel good, things are truckin' along & times where it feels like the day couldn't get worse & it lasts forever.

I pour my heart out to God daily & he shows me the many ways I am blessed. How vast is His love! I am so thankful for the man my husband is. I am thankful I have two healthy babies that keep me on my toes. I am thankful for miss. molly who cuddles me at night. I am thankful for family who checks on me. I am thankful for friends who love on me & encourage me & inspire me. I am thankful for sisters in Christ!
Someone said to me today that I am a godly woman. a godly woman... I am so thankful that God has chosen me, changes me, refines me. My heart overflows with God's love.

I miss C so much & wish he was right here with me (maybe rubbing my shoulders, ha!), it kills me when W cries for his daddy, & my life is NOT perfect, hunky-dori, but I KNOW who is in charge! I know my God is not a chaotic god. Everything we are given has gone through his hands. There might not be some glorious, big, obvious reason for C to be deployed, but God has this for us, we will bring Him glory in it! I have learned (mostly) how to trust God with my life & surrender it to His will, now I am learning to trust him with my children. How much more he loves them than even I do, he will surely help W & S through their pain.

I pray for my family, for my kids, for all the military families that have been or are separated from loved ones. I pray that you can have hope in God & that you can reunite your family soon.

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