03 September 2011

Unit Ideas

So during the summer I may have slacked off a little with teaching W. We don't sit down & do rote learning or anything like that, but just things I would've done in my 2-year-old classroom back in the day. W is going to school 3 days a week now (for 3 hours each day), so I have less time to teach him, but now it's more exciting to teach him, because I miss him. Plus, S is getting to the age where I can start teaching her more intentionally. She loves the one-on-one mommy time & so do I!

I've decided to come up with some ideas for themed units (especially for the time C is deployed, it'll help things go faster). I am planning for each unit to be a week in length, but am fine with them overlapping because we will inevitably end up missing things. So here is what I've got so far.

  • Apple
  • Autumn
  • Pumpkin
  • Thanksgiving
  • Mommy (my birth month), but will NOT be the whole week
  • Advent
  • Family
  • Maryland
  • Jesus birth & Christmas
  • Winter
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Love
  • W (his birthday is this month & this week will be ALL about him)
  • Spring
  • Garden
  • St. Patrick
  • Cleaning
  • Easter
  • Rain
  • Daddy (his birth month), again not the whole week
  • Mother's Day
  • Beach (we'll be preparing for a beach vacay)
  • Travel (we'll be in MD)
  • Maryland
  • California
  • Father's Day
I don't want to fill up every week, because I want to leave room to create units/themes based on their interests as well. Like right now W is into hoarding collecting rocks, so Earth might be a unit. S is really into climbing & standing, so Climbing or something might be a unit. However, I still need some more theme ideas, so if you have any please feel free to send 'em my way by leaving a comment, FBing, emailing, or texting me! haha Thanks & I hope I've given you some ideas!

Look for posts about our units!

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