17 October 2011

Ohhh, that's why...

Ohhhhh, that's why I've been a hot mess!!! I'm about to start my period! Wow. I really hate, hate, HATE to admit it, but my monthly hormones have been having a real effect on me.

I just pieced it together. I have been feeling way more emotional the last couple days & overwhelmed & wound up. Nothing I was doing was really helping, even praying and the such. Then as I talk to Corey it dawns on me, I'm about to start my period! Totally dramatic feelings, check. Hard time with self-control (with food & kids), check. Outbursts, check! Wanting to quit my "hard" volunteer commitment, check. Then I realized about once a month I get a little fed up with this volunteer commitment! bahaha. It could also be because I don't know if I had really asked God if this was something I was supposed to do, or jumped into it because it sounded fun. Because I do have other volunteer commitments I LOVE & really help me through these hard times. That's another story.

So, there you have it... I am lame! I am one of those women. ;) I will blame it on the Mirena. ha! I'll also put off any big decisions until after my visit from "aunt rose".
Sorry all those affected by my craziness. But now that I see what's causing it, I can not listen to my feelings so much & trust God. Blessed!

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  1. Girl .... I am with you!!! When Auntie Flo visits my house it can leave my family wondering when "crazy momma" will leave. Luckily, Lexapro helps with the self control and lack of patience. I also think it is God's way of keeping me humble since I still have "moments" where I want ummmmmmmmmmmm (clearing throat) God's job in my life.
    Until next time, rejoice in health and hormones because they each can change suddenly.
    Thanks for keeping it real!!!!
    love your blog!!!