17 November 2012

& We Have Arrived!

Hello there! It's been an exhausting day. I wanted to give a quick recap of our adventure over here, while it's still fresh in my mind. As well, I need to stay up a little later than now to adjust to the jet lag.

Starting off with the fact that the night before we left, I really had a breakdown. It's so hard for me to admit when I have a breakdown, but I do it because we all do & better not to pretend like we are living charmed lives when we aren't. Right?! Anywho, there were several contributing factors to mine (aren't there always?), off the top of my head I'll say pregnancy, travel jitters, & not keeping God in my day. There's more, but it would take too much explanation, so that last one covers a lot. The breakdown was good though. I really talked to God & just got refocused & a plan of attitude. I knew I had to continually thank God for everything during the trip rather than get upset at the inevitable mess ups (which there were a few). I spent the whole trip in prayer & it felt awesome. Now, no lying, toward the end I started to want to cry, but I kept up the thankfulness & it all worked out.

SO, now on to the trip. We left Corey's parents house Friday around 3 pm to make it to the airport 2 hours early to drop off Molly. We got there & got put in this really slow line (think 90 minutes of waiting), that happened to be the wrong line. We checked our baggage & Corey took a cab across the airport to drop Molly at Cargo (even though we were told several times on the phone we wouldn't need to do that). P.S. One of the 4 guys it took to check us in, insisted for the first 10 minutes that NO DOGS AT ALL were allowed to be shipped to the UK from the US period. I, finally, looked at him & told him, "I'm sorry, you're wrong. I've been doing a million things the last month to get her ready to be shipped. I know you can." Then he made a huge stink when I didn't trust him about other things he swore about. UGH. God was gracious though. We were still all together at the airport, all of our expected money had come in (& more) making finances not a concern, the kids were behaving beautifully, I knew we had some awesome prayer warriors fighting for us in all corners of the country, & my husband is hot. Like that last one?

Corey got back at 6:20 (our flight was at 6:40), so we ran! & we made it to the gate minutes after they closed the door. haha! God is still good though, because we were all together, Molly was checked in, there was another flight that night (which before we were told there wasn't). We went to customer service & this AWESOME lady named, Purie, helped us get on the practically booked 10 pm flight & was super nice. The staff at the gate of the 10 pm flight was also helpful. They moved enough people around so I was with Will & Sophia (Corey was in a middle seat ahead of us), but our seats were in some special row that had TONS of leg room, reclined really far & had footrests that went up, so we practically had a bed to lay on! SCORE!!! Want another score? BOTH kids fell asleep, or rather passed out before we took off & for the most part stayed asleep the WHOLE flight! I caught a bit of sleep here & there. In the last hour or so of the flight Corey & I switched seats & he was able to sleep some & I watched a movie.

Alright, that's a lot for a blog, I'll have to make a part 2 later... Will have to title it something like No Shuttle, No Dog, No Money. haha Aren't you excited?!

Seriously though, God is awesome & I am so thankful for all the ways He has blessed us, for the way he has carried me through this day, which I could have taken not so well, for so much.


  1. I love this story. God totes put it on my heart to pray that the babes slept the whole way and look at that! HE is so amazing! Glad you guys made it there safe and I look forward to reading more as you get used to your new world. Love you tons!

  2. I can't wait to hear part 2!! I am so excited for you guys and this awesome opportunity to live overseas. It would be even better if the Warrens could live there too, preferably neighbors. Love you guys!